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Wildermyth: The Enduring War begins

This? This is my excited face as I start a brand-new Wildermyth campaign — and my first five-chapter journey — called The Enduring War. This time around, I’m selecting the “carved in stone” option, which autosaves progress and doesn’t allow me to revert to older saves. So character permadeath, bad choices, the whole lot. It’s for the story, not the min/maxing!

I also went with a randomized party: Cobivia the goofish loner, Onari the greedy leader, and Syla the poetical snark. Feels really weird to be hanging out with these three after having bonded with the previous company, but I assume I’ll grow to love them just as much.

As this campaign begins, the trio are sharing stories when all of the sudden, bizarre bio-mechanical constructs lurch up out of the ground and begin wreaking havoc. Onari tries to boss Cobivia around, but she’s not having it. Bit of a friction there, I can tell.

After the successful, if clumsy, fight, Styla suggests that their newfound company be named The Bards of the Strange Fury. Our fury is the strangest of all the fury. They also pick up a fourth member, Elantha.

In the nearby woods, the company bumps into a slightly loony older gent named Yore who is burning down fennel to save the eagles. Or something.

The good news? The fire eagles were saved. The weird news? A fire chick brought as bait has really taken a liking to Styla. She reluctantly keeps it as a pet, calling it Sparky.

In the middle of a particularly bad fight, Onari takes two hard hits in a row, which deplete his hit points. Wildermyth does something interesting here — it lets you choose if you want the character to die (but do a lot of damage to that attacking monster), take a health hit for the rest of the campaign, or have an ally take a health hit. None of it is good, but at least it’s a choice.

I hate to do it, but I let Onari die. The fight was bad enough, and having the ability to insta-kill a boss was invaluable. Plus, he never really got on with the rest of the group.

Oof. Now I’m regretting disabling the restore save function. In addition to losing Onari entirely, the three other members are defeated and maimed, limping away. The company survives… but barely. Don’t even know if I can salvage this at this point, but I’ll try.

Once they heal, they recruit a new warrior — Woruna — and head back to Ollin Forge for another attempt.

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