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LOTRO: Farewell Evendim, hail Trollshaws

While adventures and advancement continued apace with my Minstrel this month, the zone of Evendim proved to be a major speed bump. And no, it wasn’t because of having to swim across the lake — this isn’t 2010, after all, we now have boats — but the fact that there’s so dang much to do to complete the deeds. The quest deed along was ridiculously high — like, Shire levels of high — and that took me long enough itself.

Then there were a ton of exploring and slayer deeds, keeping me running around and killing like nobody’s business. I spent over a week in this zone, and thank goodness it was pretty otherwise I would’ve felt it was a slog.

It is really pretty, tho. The combination of a scenic lake and flooded ruins is potent, and even after all of these years I still enjoy venturing through it.

At least all of that hard work paid off in LOTRO points, virtue XP, and a bulk of the leveling between 30 and 40. It’s going to give me a major boost to powering through the next few zones, that’s for sure. And I was happy to get some of my signature skills in this level range, including another flop and my insta-heal.

With all but one slayer deed done in Evendim (which requires a higher level dungeon than I can access at the moment), I strolled into Trollshaws. This felt like almost the opposite of Evendim in many respects. I was done with the quest deed almost instantly, for example. And the landscape is harder to see through and navigate.

But it feels right coming to an autumnal zone as I’m playing in November. Fits my mood, fits my character.

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