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Fallen Earth: Crafting crafty horses

Hey, it’s Thanksgiving! Have I told you that I’m thankful for YOU for reading all of my weird ramblings? Thanks for letting me be a part of your day, because I enjoy putting these posts out there for entertainment and maybe a little bit of information.

I’m also thankful that in 2021, we have Fallen Earth back. I won’t lie — time has been so limited this month and my attention so drawn to LOTRO that I haven’t been able to really dive deep into this game as I want to. But I am happy that I can jump in a few times a week to saddle up, explore the wasteland, and work on quests and crafting.

Speaking of saddles, one of my early goals for this character was to upgrade her transportation. Initially, the game gives you an “Old Nag” horse that’s pretty awful, all things considered. It has low stamina (fuel), and when that runs out, your horse isn’t useful for much.

While a lot of other people like to put themselves through hell trying to create an ATV or motorcycle, I agree with the camp that says “horses are better.” Sure, you get them in all fantasy MMOs, but they absolutely rock in Fallen Earth. Not only do they fit the western motif very well, but they’re relatively easy to make better versions — and cheap to feed and operate. I “crafted” a horse and then upgraded it to a riding horse with much better stamina and — yay — a larger inventory. I love being able to load the beast up with extra ammo and other stuff I don’t want counted against my inventory weight.

And there’s the world-famous Fallen Earth sunset. It’s worth waiting for just the right angle of the setting sun to grab that screenshot.

One thought on “Fallen Earth: Crafting crafty horses

  1. Interesting point of view. While i actually very much disliked the combination of crafting and inventory system of Fallen Earth, it was for very different reasons. Maintaining a vehicle i never struggled with. As maintenance was no problem, the dune buggy like vehicle provided far more to me than any horse. And the real-time based crafting system merely meant that i every evening, before going to bed, queued another piece of it. So most of my crafting slots per night were used up for ammo, one for the next piece of the vehicle, and the vehicle was built within like a week. No big deal.

    What really killed FE for me, and still would (as far as i know) is the real-time based crafting system, combined with the inventory limitations. I remember more than once, that somebody asked me for help, like getting through the prison or something like that. So i packed my pair or revolvers and grabbed as much ammo from my storage as i was able to carry. Then we went through the instance i was asked to help with. To the end, my ammo was critically low. I carried plenty of materials to craft new ammo, but any crafting job ran for like an hour of real time.

    And after being in there for between 45 and 90 minutes and finally making it out, i merely queued crafting jobs for more ammo, knowing that the next day i’d also only log in for a few minutes to queue more ammo crafting jobs and log out again. Which meant that the next gaming evening i would spend in another game.

    That’s what really killed the game for me: it gave me way more incentive to log out and play another game than to ever log into it. And from all i read (i haven’t bothered actually trying it again), this system still is in place and i have no intention to go for it again.

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