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Things I never thought I’d say: I just bought a Macbook

Yeah, if you’re one of those people who always say, “I’d never ever buy an Apple computer, it’s Windows PCs all the way for me,” then just know for pretty much all of my life, I’ve been the same. I never really HATED Apple’s computers, they just weren’t for me and my needs as a frugal gamer.

That is, until about a month or so ago. You see, I was already entertaining the idea of getting a new laptop, something far more portable and usable on the fly than the one I have. I’ve been finding that more and more, I’m going places that aren’t my office or home that give me opportunities to get some work done. Chaperoning your kids to various events, is what I’m saying. And I’ve also gotten grumpy at how I tend to sequester myself in my home office (which is closed off from the rest of the house) to do work or web browsing while the family is milling about. I wanted a nice laptop that I could use on the couch next to my wife or in the same room as my kids so that I was more physically accessible.

Maybe all of this doesn’t shout “need” to you, but as I said, the idea was growing on me. I talked it over with my wife and she agreed, so we kept the idea of a new laptop in mind. And while that was going on, I’d also gone on a lengthy kick of reading through articles on Apple’s history and watching a whole lot of YouTube about the different Macs over the years. At first it was more academic, but after a while, the thought kept returning to me: I’ve never had a Mac, but why not if it’s not a main computer?

So I did it. Maybe it was slightly impulsive, but finances and Black Friday worked out and I purchased a Macbook Air M1. I’d heard and read so many great things about this laptop — its power, its speed, its quiet operation, its battery life — that it sounded like it might be very worth the jump over to the dark side. The aforementioned factors plus the low weight and the extreme flexibility of the trackpad meant that it’d be perfect to lug around without worrying overmuch about plugging it in all the time and hauling out a mouse.

Right out of the box, I fell in love with the form factor of it. Apple may be pricey and snooty, but it makes beautiful products, and this is beautiful. I don’t own and use a lot of products I’d describe as beautiful, but this’ll be one.

The first night with it was a huge learning experience, because Mac OS does things a lot different — but not completely so — than Windows. I had that moment of panic when I faced this wall of change and fretted that I just made a huge mistake, then I calmed down when I realized that I always feel this way when change comes into my life. Instead of continuing to freak out, I took my time setting it up, I watched a lot of tutorial videos, and I made myself happy by putting a couple of games on there just to know that they were there. I have another post brewing about gaming — and the difficulties thereof — on a Macbook, but that’ll be for another day.

I’m not completely sold on the OS just yet, but initially I loved how versatile the trackpad is, how crisp the screen looks, and how rich the speakers sounded. I’ve never had a laptop where the native speakers sounded anything other than tinny, but these can fill up a room with sound if you crank it up.

And yes, during all of this setup I was sitting on a couch next to my daughter reading and my son playing. It feels like a good move to me.

6 thoughts on “Things I never thought I’d say: I just bought a Macbook

  1. I bought a macbook a few years back for the same reason (being more physically available away from my PC desk), but minus any gaming because (no idea if this has changed) they were known as clunky awkward things for gaming – since I was using mine for writing, coding, art work, and general web browsing stuff, I didn’t think it would be too much of an issue. It was a HUGE learning curve, but after a month of solid use, I was hooked. I absolutely love mine, and as much as I dislike the snooty high cost of apple products, I do also really appreciate the sleek beauty, and the ease to incorporate other apple products (we now have two ipads, and I have an iphone) to the whole system/world that they’ve built up. Enjoy your new laptop!!! They’re tons of fun.

  2. You wont regret it 🙂 I’m in love with the Terminal, coming from a background of Unix. Plus ESO and Wow play well on it! (Well, the MB pro).
    Have fun!

  3. I’m no fan of Apple in general but my iPod Touch, which I bought over a decade ago and use almost every day, still works just as well as it did when I got it. Lots of things about it drive me nuts but I can’t fault the quality control. When it finally dies I’ll almost certainly replace it with another one because I just don’t see anything better out there for what it does.

  4. May I suggest setting up Parsec on your “gaming PC” and your Mac? Then you can stream Windows games to the Mac, wherever you happen to be. It’s free and works like a champ. You can find it at parsec DOT app. I don’t want to put links in your blog comments.

  5. I’m an IT Guy and I’ve supported both Windows and MacOS for quite some time. My take on it is:

    My only beef with Apple is that they cost quite a bit more than any other brand, but as you noted, they also tend to be better built as well, which justifies at least *some* of that cost.

    Other than that, they’re both computers, they both do what you need. The end.

  6. PCs for me, all the way down. The ease of gaming without tearing my hair out getting stuff to work, and the fun of building your own PC and knowing what’s under the hood are strong pull factors.

    Still, Apple managed to suck me into its orbit with iPads, which I can no longer live without. Apple’s strong points – portability, lovely form factor, “it just works” without you needing to know whatever’s inside it – are better for a secondary machine. I don’t need to put it together like a gundam model before using it, I just need it to work well to browse the internet and read ebooks.

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