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Battle Bards Episode 206: Warping back to WildStar

Battle Bards Episode 209: Superhero MMOs Battle Bards

When they're not saving the world from bad tunes, the Battle Bards stuff themselves into spandex and try out for sixth-tier superhero teams. Because saving the world is en vogue, don't you know? In today's episode, the crew takes a tour through the music of superhero MMORPGs past, present, and future! Episode 209 show notes (show page, direct download) Intro (feat. "Freedom Court" from City of Heroes, "The Rime Woods" from Champions Online, and "Credits" from Marvel Heroes) "Digital Death Dream" from City of Titans  "Nightclub District 2" from Marvel Heroes "Funk" from City of Heroes "Asgard Town" from Super Hero Squad Online "Arkham Asylum" from DCUO "Desert Disaster" from Champions Online "A Brave New World" from City of Heroes  Which one did we like best? Listener notes from Katriana Jukebox Picks: "Welcome to a Kick in the Pants in Good Old Hillville" from Commander Keen 4, "The Winding Meadow" from RuneScape Orchestral, and "Opposites Attract" from It Takes Two Steff's Best Books of 2021 list Outro (feat. "Metropolis 13" from DCUO) Talk to the Battle Bards on Twitter! Follow Battle Bards on iTunes, Stitcher, Player.FM, Google Play, iHeartRadio, and Pocket Casts! This podcast is produced using copyrighted material according to Fair Use practices as stated under Section 107 of the 1976 Copyright Act.
  1. Battle Bards Episode 209: Superhero MMOs
  2. Battle Bards Episode 208: Valheim
  3. Battle Bards Episode 207: Seeing Red

It’s been a long, long time since the Battle Bards have ventured down to the surface of Nexus — at least, as a full episode. Now, it’s time to warp back to WildStar! But after having featured this amazing soundtrack so often on the show, are there any good picks left… or just the dregs from a former civilization?

Episode 206 show notes (show pagedirect download)

  • Intro (feat. “Main Theme,” “A Tropical Getaway,” and “Sea of Green”)
  • “March of the Empire”

  • “Operation Northern Wastes” 

  • “Legend of Blue Horizon” 

  • “A Very Dominion Shade’s Eve”

  • “Clear Skies”

  • “From the Ashes” 

  • “Grist for the Mill”

  • Which one did we like best?

  • Listener notes from Friendly Necromancer

  • Jukebox Picks: “Main Theme” from Wild West World, “Main Theme” from Metroid Dread, and “Fading Twilight Battle Theme” from Dungeon Encounters

  • Outro (feat. “The Malgrave Trail”)

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