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LOTRO: The adventures of Captain Clueless

While I am certainly enjoying the more laid-back lifestyle of the Treebeard server, the higher levels were beckoning to me as well. New expansions will do that to an MMO gamer, I figure. So I picked back up my Captain, whom I last left in the early part of the Minas Morgul expansion at level 121. Again, I like playing her more than my Lore-master (who is further along) because of her supreme survivability, what with high armor and gobs of self-healing. I just need to get her to all of the new stuff, and that’s going to take time.

What’s going to take even more time, I reckon, is getting her into shape. She’s an older character that I had dusted off without really taking a look at her. Gear-wise, she’s fine — just the standard quest and epic book stuff — but her virtues are a hot mess. I played her back when you had to target specific deeds for specific virtues, and the ones I used to chase aren’t the ones I want now.

So what I’ve chosen to do is to knock out a bunch of lower-level deeds that I had skipped — mainly exploration, as I can do those very quickly without much fuss due to the low levels of the mobs. It’s also like I’m treating myself to a guided tour through Middle-earth!

Another thing I had to contend with is the new legendary item system, which I’d been avoiding until now. Initially, it was confusing and not very clear what to do — a big problem with this system — but once I read through a guide, I realized that it’s not at all that complicated. Quick and breezy, actually. It just had horrible in-game documentation which is a mark of shame upon SSG. I *hate* it when devs throw in new systems without adequate explanation. Or, better yet, make these systems so intuitive they don’t need explaining!

And to drum up more internal enthusiasm for my Captain, I created a swashbuckling outfit for her to go with her legendary spear. Lots of belts and straps and daggers and the like. Perfect for a rough day at sea — or a slaughter on land.

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