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ESO: The mighty music hunter

It’s personally amusing and interesting to track my own rising and falling interest in various MMOs. Depending on the week — or even day! — a title might be on the rise to the top of the Syp Must Play charts while others fall to lower ranks. And right now, Elder Scrolls Online is topping it out over everything else.

It is hitting the spot, as they say. Greymoor as an expansion is a lot bigger than I expected, and once I got to the underground realm, I fell in love with the visual design there. I’ve also been engaging a lot in veteran dungeons and archaeology, the first for gear and the second for various knick-knacks. I actually got me a cool throne from a purple-level dig which ended up being the first really big find for me. I love this system!

Another activity I pursued in the game last week was collecting all of the musical instruments scattered about the zone(s) to bring back to a bardic museum. Sure, I used a guide — who wouldn’t? — but it was still a cool little scavenger hunt that took me to all sorts of wild places.

The end result was, in my opinion, quite worth it. Not only did I get a concert from the NPC bards, but I was gifted a beautiful music box for my home that plays a little tune.

So yeah, I’m 100% gunning for ESO this month, I think. We got the teaser trailer for this year’s expansion focus — looks really neat, and at least isn’t desert-themed — and I can’t wait until the 27th when they do the full reveal. I also picked up Blackwood for $13 over the holiday break, so I think I’m going there next and putting Summerset off until later. I’d love to get a companion to go with my bear.

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