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SWTOR: Home sweet home again

Having accumulated several different housing items over the past month, I figured it was time to actually go put them somewhere. I have a few abodes in the game, although my Operative was designated to a Dromund Kaas apartment suite. It actually may be your basic apartment, but I love it more than some of the other houses thanks to the layout and the rain outside the windows.

But what made me bark a laugh was rediscovering that I had set up this apartment years and years ago… and forgotten it. It was already half-decorated with various decor. I figured that if I was going to drop a subscription in the future to go back down to premium, I best use my credits now — so I unlocked all of the rest of the rooms for use. I also cozied up my bedroom and sat back to enjoy the feel of it.

I also decided that every so often, I was going to dedicate a gaming session to doing some datacron hunting. Since datacrons are unlocked across an entire account, it’s of lasting benefit. So my first was was to wrap up three datacrons I needed on Alderaan, including one that took me on a weird sky tram down to a small island.

I also blasted through Ossus rather quickly. Like, very, very quickly. I thought that this would be a planet with multiple quests, but no, there was just my main storyline and that was it. It was a little nondescript save for some neat futuristic farms.

I’ve also been getting a laugh at how hard BioWare’s writers are hitting the reset button after the Eternal Throne adventures. Like, none of that matters afterward. It really doesn’t. Zakuul gets shoved back into the darkest corners of the closet and forgotten about. The Republic and Empire are back at each other’s throats. Even Darth Malgus shows up again, reminding me that I got his statue in the collector’s edition a decade ago. Missed ya, Big and Ugly! Let me take this opportunity to insult you to your face every chance I get.

2 thoughts on “SWTOR: Home sweet home again

  1. I have all the strongholds minus the Apartment one on Empire side of the space station. I even managed to get the train. Even my Operative uses the one on Dromund Kaas the most. I need to finish a few of them with decorating. Still it’s fun to decorate it.

  2. Agreed on Dromund Kaas – the rain makes it. I remember telling a friend before SWTOR added housing that if it did have any, I’d want to live on Kaas for the weather. To me rain is relaxing, not gloomy, and thunderstorms are invigorating, not frightening. 🙂

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