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Rimworld Reborn Part 6: Space or Bust!

Forget Rimworld — I know you all want to hear about how Duckworld is going! And it’s progressing quite well, thank you. Lots of chickens, a couple of frisky ducks, little babies, the usual.

You’d think I would learn my lesson about taking on quests to attack bandit camps, but… no, I fell for it again. And like last time, we lost five good colonists in one horrible afternoon. Farewell Squint, Latch, Nego, O’Donovan, and Lumpy. Lumpy! I’ll miss you most of all.

Garry takes it the hardest — Squint was his daughter, and Lumpy his fiance.

So Garry finally snaps and takes out all of his frustrations on El during an “insulting spree.” El takes maybe two seconds of this before she hauls off and punches Garry’s leg (!), driving him away (Garry’s non-violent, so his default mode in a combat situation is to flee). After this, he goes on a punching spree against the prisoners. C’mon, Garry, you’re making us look bad!

The worst event yet hits the colony — toxic fallout from some far-off chemical fire. It bastes the landscape in poison, requiring me to get everyone inside and keep them there as long as it lasts. Suffice to say, this is going to kill all our crops and keep us from doing anything outside.

It is a pain. A huge pain. I have to cancel a whole bunch of projects, harvest as much as quickly as possible, create some new doorways to wall off the hallways from the outside, roof the chicken pen, and start installing coolers in all of the rooms to replace the wood-hungry passive coolers. My goal was to take the colony to wood-free dependence within a day or two.

Apart from that, it became a game of keeping everyone inside. I disabled planting and harvesting crops, destroyed the horseshoe, and basically reduced the need to go outside at all. I also disabled cooking so that everyone would use nutrient paste (which only uses up half of our stored food) for the time being.

This marks the start of a long, terrible time in the colony. We run out of building materials to work on the coolers and vents. Garry snaps yet again and slaughters half of the ducks and chickens. And most of my colonists have early signs of toxic poisoning.

We do survive, and after a while, the colony gets back to normal. With new prisoners converting, we’re up to nine people pulling their weight.

What I learned today: Whenever colonists get into fights with each other, there’s a beat-by-beat log that’s created so you can read through the whole fight later. It’s educational!

I’m further into a Rimworld run than I ever have been so far with this game. Our research and technology level is rocketing up, and we even built a comms station to talk with traders and other factions.

The only bad thing is that we’ve completely run out of steel and components on this map. That leaves only a few options — wait for some to fall from meteorites, trade with others, or head out for other lands and strip mine.

So a rat self-tamed and joined the colony — and I wasn’t paying attention to it. That was my folly, because the animal people took it and threw it into the animal pen with the chicken. Then, yup, the rat ATE ALL THE CHICKENS. Suffice to say, I was peeved and killed the rat. Shortly thereafter, a whole flock of ducks up and joined the colony, so I am now flush with duckies.

A psychic ship crash-lands nearby and starts sending out horrible psychic waves to upset everyone. Instead of sticking around to deal with it, I decide on a bold — and probably stupid — course of action. I’m taking the whole colony (9 colonists), loading them up with bedrolls and food, and making for a spaceship on the other side of the planet. I’ve never done this quest, but presumably if we can get there and survive, we’ll take off and win the game. Honestly, even making it to the spaceship would be a big win. It’ll be a 16-day journey, and that’s the longest journey I’ve ever taken in Rimworld.

One last look at the homestead before we abandon it. I’m really proud of this colony, it did quite well over four years of game time:

Whoops, I accidentally left a prisoner in his jail cell with no food. Well, guess he’s a goner. Then a fire breaks out and guts a quarter of the base due to a lack of anyone actually there to fight it.

And despite two breakdowns and one ambush, the whole crew makes it to the ship! Now comes a new challenge — enduring 15 days of attacks. To prep, I build a smaller base, hunt for more food, and start setting up defenses.

Unfortunately, everyone pretty much has a massive meltdown and there’s no recovery from multiple tantrums, Dezi’s shooting spree, and Garry’s complete destruction of the ship’s reactor. I’m going to end the series here, at least having accomplished a big base and a trip to see the ship — you know, the one we destroyed. Thanks for reading!

One thought on “Rimworld Reborn Part 6: Space or Bust!

  1. Great series Syp, even with a somewhat tragic ending. Haha. I’ve never made the journey to the spaceship either though, so well done on the milestone!

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