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How NFTs, crypto, and metaverses are robbing me of gaming joy

While some of this has been a while in coming, it honestly feels like overnight the whole gaming scene has gone bananas. And not in a good, “let’s plop some yummy ice cream down in the middle of you” kind of way. No, it’s more “soulless corporations jamming a six-gauge needle into the neck of gaming and sucking out its life force.”

Almost every third story I see pop up in the gaming sphere has to do with crypto, NFTs, or metaverses, and it seems like its getting worse. I don’t know what lit a fire under studio execs that these trendy buzzwords were the best way to sell out their companies in the pursuit of making a dubious buck, but a fire is raging all over the place. It’s like the gold rush of ’49, except that studios are rushing to capitalize on stuff that might well not have any value whatsoever tomorrow.

And if there’s anything even more rabid than studios pursuing these moneymakers, it’s the attitude of gamers that almost universally hate these ideas. Oh, I’m sure there are those that speak highly of such things, but it’s certainly not as many as those roaring in disapproval. Normally, we’d have to wait a while for a backlash to start, but no, it’s been here almost since these trends started popping up. Gamers by and large don’t want crypto and NFTs in their games — and they don’t much care for the evil cackles that studios sport whenever the word “metaverse” arises.

Rule of thumb: If Facebook identifies something as a hot trend to jump on, it probably is as haunted as the burned-out shell of a forsaken orphanage.

I feel like I’m crazy town. I can’t see how any of this is contributing to positive game development and better gaming spaces for all of us. I used to think that lockboxes were insidious, but this? This all actually makes lockboxes seem downright wholesome and manageable.

Anyway, I’m selling the top right pixel of Bio Break for $500,000. Serious offers only.


8 thoughts on “How NFTs, crypto, and metaverses are robbing me of gaming joy

  1. I feel exactly the same way and I’m not sure if it’s because I’m an oldhead or because this is truly shady, shit heel capitalist nonsense. Maybe both.

  2. Metaverses are like Highlander. There can only be one. All this talk of companies having their own “metaverse” is drivel. The metaverse is the next iteration of the World Wide Web. It will evolve. It is evolving. All these supposed “metaverses” will be just a part of it, even the biggest of them.

    Trying to avoid the metaverse, though, won’t be an option, short of going off-grid altogether. May as well get used to it.

  3. Honestly, I think what we’re looking at is the start of another DotCom crash, only it’s with NFTs, crpytos, and this whole metaverse thing. From the look of things, it’ll probably take gaming down with it (which I personally think will be a good thing, but others might disagree).

    Only time will tell though.

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