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ESO: Plumming the secrets of Greymoor

While Elder Scrolls Online boasts a gloriously vivid and interesting-looking game world, it’s a fair complaint that the characters themselves are a little “off” and bland. This extends to their outfits, as a whole bunch of the game’s looks are slightly below average. Lots of loincloth flaps, though. Lots of those.

So I’ve placed a premium on getting my character to a good “feel.” For instance, out of all of my mounts — and I have maybe a dozen — by far and away I like my Morrowind bug mount the best. It doesn’t have an overly loud sound associated with it (as do some of the horses) and looks right moving at max speed. I also bought a new costume that is loincloth flap free and gives her a no-nonsense combat style.

The past couple of weeks I’ve been plugging away at finishing up Greymoor. In a previous post, I said that the zone was initially underwhelming in both tone and quests. Happily, it does get a whole lot better as one goes along. For starters, the underground realm that’s lurking right below Skyrim is a beautifully visualized cavernous space that isn’t too difficult or annoying to navigate (which must be said).

And the main storyline ramped up beautifully. Sure, in the end it was all werewolf-this and vampire-that, and I am more than done with these gothic tropes, but it managed to make it interesting even so. There was court intrigue, torture, a vast conspiracy, and a coming-of-age story that all made it worthwhile.

It may also be the first time that I found all of the skyshards in a zone on my own before having to resort to a “where’d I miss one?” guide. Maybe it goes to show that I really combed over as much of the region as possible to eke out all of the content before I had to move on.

Finally it was time, and I said farewell to Greymoor — and hello to the latest expansion, Blackwood. I figure I want to see the newest chapter while picking up a companion to help me with the rest of my adventures.

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