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10 things I love about gaming right now

Originally I was hoping to get out my first impressions of Lost Ark today. I did buy a founder’s pack, a move that ended up being wildly optimistic considering how insanely busy I got for the rest of the week. So I didn’t get any time in and didn’t want to feel stressed trying to cram in a playthrough over the weekend, so I’m going to give myself a little more time and give you some thoughts in the future.

In the meantime, I figured I would grab on to today’s theme of love and create a quick list of 10 things that I love about gaming right now in 2022:

  1. I love that I have tons of options. There are so many great MMORPGs out there as well as a huge backlog of other games that are always at my disposal, and this keeps burnout at bay. I can game not under obligation or restriction but according to what I’m in the mood to experience.
  2. I love my guildies and online friends with whom I can discuss gaming. It’s a “light and fluffy” part of my life that doesn’t come with some of the heavier stuff that ministry and responsibilities do, and it’s nice that we have a hobby that usually transcends a lot of our tribalism.
  3. I love pets. Combat pets, vanity pets, whatever — I just love ’em!
  4. I love getting super enthusiastic about an MMO when I get back into it after a long absence. That’s a fun period.
  5. I love writing about games, even on the days when it’s tougher or I feel less inspired.
  6. I love having the ability to play a lot of the old PC and console games that were my favorites back in the day.
  7. I love getting hyped about future releases and possibilities in the gaming field.
  8. I love how unexpectedly exciting MMO news can be, which is why it’s still a thrill to cover it.
  9. I love getting that one surprise random drop that totally makes my day.
  10. I love having an outlet for adventure, creativity, and socialization.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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