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DDO: Hide and seek with wanna-be dragons

In the effort to chase down the evil druid, my DDO journeys took me to the Treasure Grove. You know, with that type of MMO treasure that you can never pick up and use — just set decoration. This is “Needle in a Fey Stack” (pause for pun-appreciative groan), and it’s a chase from animal to animal who have this magic needle I need.

If you ever play DDO, do yourself a favor and actually read the quest and dialogue text. Sometimes it’s highly entertaining. Yoinkination indeed.

This quest ends on a hilarious note, where I literally had to play hide-and-seek with a little lonely “almost” dragon. No boss fight, just a fun game.

With the needle in hand, I can confront Hyrsam — if I can get into his fortress. For that, I need to call on a favor with the Lord of Frost in “Quid Pro Quo.” But the guy is a jerk and makes me do three additional tasks for him before he’ll budge. So, fine, whatever, let’s get this over with.

One thing that really sets DDO apart from most MMOs is that baked into most quests are multiple paths to achieve your goal. You can brute force it with combat (usually), but you can also use social skills, adventuring skills, magic spells or potions, sneaking, swimming, and so on. I love the choice in this, because it lets every type of character have a chance to do what they do best.

I came to the final part of the expansion’s main questline with “Immortality Lessons.” After Prince Frosty here made me a convenient bridge up to Hyrsam’s palace, I went up to see if I could persuade the jerk to hand back over the codex pages.

This mission ended up being a beast to complete. It’s essentially two maze-like dungeons in one, with a whole lot of confusing backtracking and puzzle solving to do. There were a couple parts I liked — such as the Red Riding Hood and Edgar Allan Poe references or playing a magic fiddle to manipulate the environment — but it took me well over a frustrating hour to complete.

In the end, hey, Hyrsam traded back the codex pages for the needle and the “mysterious stranger” got his knickers in a twist over it. That’s it for the main storyline, but I think there are a few more dungeons to do in this pack before moving on!


3 thoughts on “DDO: Hide and seek with wanna-be dragons

  1. You can also run the Update 53 content about the Wild Hunt (2 quests). The magic fiddle door-opening mechanic in “Immortality Lessons” is suspiciously similar to the Secret World winter seasonal event “The Christmas Conspiracy” violin mechanic.

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