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DDO: Feywild mop-up on aisle 20!

With the main Fables of the Feywild storyline done — way to go, me — I wanted to mop up the remaining random quests scattered about the somewhat small countryside. First up is “Combating Corruption,” where I agreed to help a faerie by finding the corrupting force deep in the roots of a great tree.

I’d forgotten what it was like to run a “short” dungeon in this game — it’s kind of refreshing, honestly! Just run through a bunch of oversized tree roots, smash orbs, and melt packs of mobs down with arcane tempest. Good times. And hey, I actually got a really great cloak out of this quest which adds some extra hit points and seals me from any magical effect that would have otherwise insta-killed me.

Next up was “The Legend of the Lost Locket,” which sent me into an underwater grotto. With a permanent air bubble and gravity rather than swimming in full effect, this was more a cosmetic environmental change than anything else. Still, it was pretty cool.

Finally, in “The Knight Who Cried Windmill,” I followed in the steps of Don Quixote and fought an ambulatory windmill, along with an elderly knight. Ridiculous, yes, but it’s fitting in with the themes of the Feywild. And defeating it required more than just combat power — I had to lure the windmill over to certain gemmed dogs to have it squash them.

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