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What I’ve spent actual money on in MMOs this past year

If you’re a somewhat frugal person, and I am, then gaming in general is a great hobby to have. There are endless ways to spend money, sure, but if you’re smart about it, patient, and disciplined, you can reap hundreds of hours of entertainment for little to nothing.

This works for me, because the way we do our family budget, each of us only has a small monthly allowance for extra purchases. I usually start the month weighing what I’m going to buy so that I’m not impulse spending, and I’ll divvy that money up between, say, a new book and a game or a season of a TV show or what have you. MMOs do not usually get a lot of funds from me as a result. I generally don’t NEED to spend money on them, nor am I usually tempted into a position of WANTING them.

With that in mind, I wanted to go back through the last 12 months and recall what I’ve actually purchased in games and whether or not it was worth it:

  • WoW Classic subscription time (maybe six months?). Generally worth it, since I was having a good time. For discipline’s sake, I purchase time cards and only use those so that an automatic monthly sub can’t kick in.
  • I kicked in $20 to put me over the top so that I could buy a new LOTRO premium house for my Treebeard characters. Expensive, yes, but not prohibitively so, and I definitely will get some good use out of this.
  • I bought Fate of Gundabad for LOTRO. I guess that’s worth it, just to have the content unlocked, even if I haven’t fully completed it.
  • I bought a copy of New World, which I’m kicking myself for because (a) I didn’t play it more than a month and (b) I’m pretty sure I could’ve gotten a free copy if I had waited.
  • I bought a founder’s pack for Lost Ark. That really wasn’t worth it, because that was like five days of sessions before I lost all interest.

That’s it. I can’t remember anything else, that’s for sure. I don’t foresee any purchases in the near future for MMOs, although there are some single-player titles I’ve been considering.

What have you spent money on MMOs lately?

3 thoughts on “What I’ve spent actual money on in MMOs this past year

  1. I too bought a founder’s pack for Lost Ark. I don’t regret it all that much, but I don’t have as much fun as I’d hoped either.

  2. I bought New World and got to 20. The servers were such a mess that my friends ended up scattered to the winds and all different levels, not that there was anything to really do together. I stopped logging in when when the XP flow slowed just a hair as I wanted to play with my friends and there was just none of that. I feel like I can’t find a game to play with my friends at all outside of dungeon grinding in WoW.

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