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DDO: Song of Druid’s Deep

It’s time for a new Forgotten Realms quest series! Next up is the four-parter Song of Druid’s Deep. This one starts with a strange outbreak sweeping through a local hospital.

In “Outbreak,” I investigated the healing center and found it infested with leafy growth and green zombies. This quest proved incredibly tough, with CR26 bosses giving me a run for my money. I think I may have accidentally put this on epic rather than heroic mode, eh?

The worst part was when one boss struck me with a four-and-a-half-minute weakness affliction, during which I couldn’t fire my crossbow, use any spells, or drink any potions. All I could do was run and outwait the timer while mobs whittled down my health. It was a close thing, but at 26 health and zero seconds remaining, I popped back to full strength, healed myself, and got to revengin’.

Moving on to “Overgrowth,” I’m assigned the mission of investigating the overgrown home of the previous quest’s boss. “Thick murky green” is the light palette of the day, with every room strangled by plants and infested with vine horrors, wood woads, and even wolves.

The search through the house — a very linear progression that twists and turns — leads to the cellar and a secret room, where a dryad is revealed to be the source of the corruption. I like how in DDO if you’re battling a dryad, it’s absolutely essential take out her tree, too. Otherwise, she’ll respawn on you.

In any case, a Harper shows up and mentions that the previous homeowner brought some artifact home from the King’s Forest, so that’s where we are off to next!

DDO has its beautiful moments more often than you’d think, and I found myself instantly enchanted with the thick woods of “Thorn and Paw.” Deep into the King’s Forest, I’m tracking down a druid responsible for this plant corruption. I think I’m going to kill a lot of nature tonight.

This quest does a great job portraying a claustrophobic forest environment. Everything in here is a little too tight with not much room to backpedal or strafe. Mobs pop out of crooks, and twice I fell into hidden spike traps.

But the worst was the BARS. The dire bars, so to speak. These nasty brutes are tough to put down, and the final fight pit me against about six of them and a giant den mother. It was quite the frantic fight before I won… and found out that my princess was in another castle. Er, my druid was in another zone.

And that zone is found in “The Druid’s Curse,” the final quest of this chain. Having tracked the evil druid back to his grove, I have to put an end to him. This quest was notable for a very long — and not that eventful — underwater swimming sequence. Since I can breathe underwater by now, there’s no challenge to this.

Naturally, because this is a video game and has a druid boss, the final confrontation has to take place in a faux-Stonehenge. This guy went down super-easy, even after spewing out a Shakespeare play’s worth of comments.

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