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DDO: The Secret of the Storm Horns

This week I kicked off the five-part Storm Horns quest series, starting with “The Tracker’s Trap.” Up in the mountainous Storm Horns, I find a Harper who’s spying on some Netherese activity up there. He gets kidnapped and I go on the chase.

I felt this quest was notable for fighting some Gnolls — an enemy type I haven’t seen much of before. The hyena-men look suitably vicious.

And I even got to kill a pseudodragon, the end boss’ familiar! Little dude went down like a chump.

The Netherese are trying to supply monsters with weapons (or vice-versa, wasn’t paying that close attention), and I’ve got to put an end to that nonsense. In “Lines of Supply,” DDO gets absolutely nuts with a different quest mode. There’s a valley through which nine or so supply lines move through — and I’ve got to kill them before they get all the way through. It’s a turkey shoot, plain and simple, and it’s a whole lot of fun. There’s even a super-sized Norse warrior at the end for a final bout.

Well, this is a DDO first for me. “Breaking the Ranks” was the first time that I died far more trying to GET to the quest than DOING it. This sucker is tucked waaaaaaay up into the mountains, and it took me forever to figure out where the path was going up to it. As a bonus, said path is littered with scores of mobs, and if I tried to race by them on a horse, the dungeon alert would go to red in a hot second and summon every mob in the zone on me. So I died. Four times. If this game had a physical form, I might have headbutted it.

Anyway, I beat the quest. Moving on.

“A Break in the Ice” presents a truly unique setting — a dungeon set entirely within a glacier. It’s a cool concept, although the artwork with this quest wasn’t quite up to what I was hoping. At least I knew it was a glacier, because the dungeon master only said that word a dozen times (and in the cool way, saying “glay-see-er” instead of “glay-shir”). The quest itself has me teaming up with a giant to beat a wizard… at which point the giant turns on me and I have to kill it, too.

We’ll finish up this quest chain with “What Goes Up.” This brought me back to the glacier, only this time I was ascending up inside of it to the very top. It’s a looooong quest, upwards of an hour, and it got really nail-biting at the end. The final fight is the dooziest of all doozies. There are a constant stream of adds, several pillars to destroy, four incredibly tough mini-bosses, and one boss — all in the same space. And did I mention that at this point the glacier is a flying fortress that you can fall off of?

I did fall a couple of times but recovered with a long run. I had to turn off post-processing effects because of the Shadowfall FX. In the end, it was worth it for the finale — which involved jumping off and watching the fortress spiral into the side of a mountain. Neat-o.

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