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Retro games I’d love to see on

With apparently re-committing itself to supporting and promoting retro PC games, my mind’s been turning to more than a few titles that I’d love to see revived and sold there. GOG does a fantastic job restoring old games to playable states on modern computers, and here are a few I’d like to see:

Sims 1 and 2

I keep reading about the lengths that people go through to get the first two Sims games running on modern PCs. EA doesn’t really sell or support these any more, so I think they’d be great candidates to hand to GOG for future stewardship.

No One Lives Forever 1 and 2

Terrific, clever, and charming spy shooters that really deserve a renaissance. I had a great time with these back in the day.

Fable trilogy

I’ve actually never played a Fable game. I think they’d be very interesting to explore as a blogging series, and I heard the second game never got a PC release at all.

Chrono Cross and Castlevania Symphony of the Night

These console ports are two of the most beloved from the PlayStation era and would be great fits. I am going to wait for a patch or two for Chrono Cross before getting it, anyway.

Sid Meier’s Civil War trilogy

These Civil War strategy games are some of the most highly rated of their kind and would be definitely worth checking out.

Discworld series

Due to exploring and enjoying the books, I really wouldn’t mind seeing the three Discworld games on the platform.

3 thoughts on “Retro games I’d love to see on

  1. Unfortunately, Nolf 1 & 2 are in legal limbo of no one knowing who has what rights to the games. Nightdive Studios tried to get the rights for a remaster, but unless someone wants to cough up a few million for companies to dig through all of their old paper contracts we’re highly unlikely to ever see those games on GOG. :sigh:

    That said, if you do have the original discs then there are several fan projects which make them run well on modern machines under Windows.

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