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LOTRO: Lore-master of the universe

Playing a Lore-master these days kind of feels like you’re deliberately choosing the hard mode for an MMO. It’s a squishy class without a lot of “oh crap!” buttons, most of its skills require you to stand stock-still for a casting animation, and the skills themselves feel scattered and thematically detached. Yet I can’t help but love having a pet and the overall look of a gal running around with a staff and flinging embers everywhere.

I spent a whole lot of time in Evendim this month with her, trying to get the bulk of the 30 to 40 leveling done. I figured that if I did that, then I could skip the normal progression of zones and do Wildwood and Angle quests instead to get her up to Moria.

Yet I started to feel a little burned out on her after a while, which happens from time to time on characters. The best thing to do there is just mothball the toon for the time being, perhaps come back in a few weeks and see if my temperature has changed.

Meanwhile, I’ve been logging back on to my main Minstrel to keep rounding out her character. If anything, the biggest point of contention I have with her is that I’ve yet to fashion an outfit that I love so much that I want it to be her regular look. This is mostly due to a lack of acceptable cosmetic pieces that I’ve found in the early part of the game.

But hey, at least I’m doing more guild dungeon runs as of late! I’m no powerhouse or anything, but I can pump out some good damage if a tank clusters up bad guys. I love doing these more as a sight-seeing expedition than a hope of getting gear upgrades — but hey, if an upgrade drops, I’m not going to complain!

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