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MMOs need to include tent camping as a standard feature

Has it ever struck anyone else as strange that for being world-renowned adventures, MMO characters are quite the homebodies? Even if their games don’t feature housing, characters are constantly fleeing back to cities after a bit of combat and questing. We don’t really strike out for new vistas and spend several days in the wilderness — we’ve got to make it home for dinner, after all!

I do wonder if this is an influencing factor why our characters differ in one area from their movie, TV, or novel counterparts. They aren’t going on journeys, for the most part. They aren’t packing up what they need for a lengthy trek, and they certainly don’t break at the end of the day to make camp.

Most — not all, but a vast majority — of MMOs lack any kind of tent camping, even for just cosmetic roleplay purposes. I can’t pitch a tent, build up a campfire, and enjoy a few moments in nature. It’s just run run run to the next quest objective.

This has been a long-standing item on my wish list. I really would like to be able to make camps in MMOs out in the game world. I think there is a lot of potential with this feature, kind of portable housing that could be customized, used, and then erased when the player moves on or logs out. A cool-looking camp might attract other players over for a bit of socialization. There could be basic services offered, with a bit of functionality.

It’s not completely absent from the MMO scene. I always was envious of Vulpera in WoW for their tent-making ability. Fallout 76 lets you create CAMPs that can be moved (albeit, not very easily). Star Wars Galaxies had this, if I recall. New World has a weird camping system but it’s mostly for respawning. I hear Black Desert has them too.

It just feels like tents are a largely unexplored feature that could add a lot to MMOs: immersion, customization, functionality, social magnets. Let’s make it happen, devs!


8 thoughts on “MMOs need to include tent camping as a standard feature

  1. You can’t have it both ways… you can’t have the convenience of a town every 5 steps and teleportation and quality of life of no survival mechanics AND want to camp. It doesn’t reconcile.

    There are better games that do this, but they aren’t the games you like.

  2. Generally I find tents in mmorpgs quite annoying. I very rarely use them. I mean, they’re ridiculous, aren’t they? Who would sleep in a tent in real life if they could instantly return to their home or a town instead? Now, if you removed all instant transport and made travelling distances routinely take longer than anyone would be comfortable with, then there’d be a reason for having tents.

    Also, surprised you didn’t mention Fallen Earth. I seem to remember a fairly well-developed camping system there – and not co-incidentally it’s a game that doesn’t have instant transport and where travel takes seemingly forever.

  3. Fallout 76 does have a tent feature that is easily moved, but it is hidden behind the Fallout 1st paywall. Called the Survival Tent, and I found it pretty darned handy.

  4. New World camps aren’t just for respawning – they can be used to recover health quickly and act as limited crafting stations. And Amazon have realised that tent skins are a cosmetic they can sel, so there’s that too.

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