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Here’s what I *don’t* want in that new MMO you’re making

At the start of the month, Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street threw down a conversational gauntlet by asking followers what we really didn’t want to see in the MMO that Riot’s making:

And I, like all veteran MMO players out there, have Opinions on this. So many Opinions, in fact, that I don’t know where to start or how to limit myself. But here goes. Features I do not want to see in your MMO include:

  • Obtuse and convoluted gearing and character progression systems — the clearer and more user friendly, the better.
  • A huge raid-focused endgame
  • Jumping puzzles
  • Borrowed power and temporary systems that only exist for an expansion
  • Paid server transfers — this should be free
  • NFTs
  • Gender-locking
  • Pay-to-win anything
  • Territory conquest
  • Dull and tropish character classes
  • For that matter, classes. Let us mix and match and mold our own character’s destiny.
  • Lockboxes
  • Anything where I gamble for a chance at something I want instead of being able to buy or earn it outright
  • PvP tuning that ends up negatively affecting PvE
  • Hardcore for the sake of being hardcore
  • Streamlining so much that you lose important features and elements that help with immersion and fun

I’m sure there is so much more, but it’s late and my brain is fried. Just make a good MMO please. We have plenty of examples already of what works and what doesn’t — you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

2 thoughts on “Here’s what I *don’t* want in that new MMO you’re making

  1. Agree with some of your list, but not all – there’s a surprise 🙂 Definitely no to NFTs, lockboxes (meaning actual lockboxes which drop freely in game but you then need to buy a key in the cash shop – I’m looking at you, Cryptic), and obtuse and convoluted character progression (as in all those Eastern and mobile games where your character gains levels with XP, but you also gain stars using gems, and have augments which require runes, and meanwhile all of your gear can be upgraded with sparklestones, etc etc).

    Some of the others I don’t really have a problem with. Jumping puzzles? Fine as long as they’re optional – some of us suck at them but I’m all for a variety of stuff to do. Classes? Well done, they give a framework and can actually result in more diversity than a “freeform” system where the forums have decreed The One True Overpowered Build You Must Use Or Else You Suck. Random rewards? Again, have to be done right but without being psychologically manipulative, they can give that fantasy feel of lucking out and discovering rare and valuable treasure. Having to “earn” everything turns the game into a horrible grind that feels more like working a minimum wage job than being a dashing adventurer.

    Things I’d add to the list? Forced, non-consensual PvP, especially if the high levels can get to the lowbies. I’m not having my evening ruined so some inadequate living in his mom’s basement can get his rocks off in the only way he’s ever likely to. Meet me on the field of battle when we’re on the same power level and both up for a ruck. Also, forced grouping – as in, you need a group to do anything to meaningfully advance your character. I know some people think this would make it more like the good old days. I was here in the good old days, and let me tell you they sucked when couldn’t find a group and ended up having to log off and go watch TV because you couldn’t get a group.

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