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Book Report: Legends & Lattes, Mort, and more!

Another five novels in the bag for 2022, so it’s time to do a quick book report and share my thoughts on each!

Legends & Lattes

I’d heard this one described as a “cozy coffeehouse fantasy” that constituted a quick and smooth read, and it was indeed that. It’s nothing more or less than a fantasy of an Orc who hangs up her adventuring sword in favor of starting a coffee shop in a town unused to such modern establishments. It spends a whole lot of time detailing the store being built, which was fine, although I wasn’t quite buying all of the coincidences that brought every perfect person into Val’s life for this project (even with the doohickey).


My first Death novel from Pratchett. I’d heard a lot of good things about Mort but ultimately came away feeling unsatisfied with it. Mort is a gawky kid who takes up an apprenticeship with Death, who ends up checking out of the biz to try to find some fun in his life. Mort takes over, messes things up, and tries to find romance along the way. Some OK jokes but nothing like the City Watch series.

Strangeworlds Travel Agency

I’ll say straight-up that this ended up being a DNF (did not finish) for me, not necessarily because it was bad, but just a little too kiddie for my tastes. It’s about a girl who joins a society of explorers that jump through suitcases to visit other universes. And it’s fine, I guess, but it just dragged after a while and didn’t have enough hooks to keep me after about half the book.

The Mask of Mirrors

Book reputations aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be. This one got such rave reviews that I snapped it up on audiobook, struggled to keep my attention after a few chapters, switched over to a printed version, and felt the same. There’s potential in a tale of a grifter who worms her way into a major merchant family, but it didn’t stay interesting enough to keep my attention. This went on the “did not finish” pile.

Agent of Change

This is my first Liaden Universe novel, a series I hadn’t even heard of before this year — and yet it’s been going on some 24 novels and countless short stories. And let me tell you, I was BOWLED OVER by how good it was. Interesting, decent action, funny bits, nice world building, and all-around good writing. I was on board with this start to finish, and by the end, I wanted to go through the other 23 books to catch up. Fun story about a space spy and a scrappy merc who become partners and make best friends with a giant turtle.

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