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Wildermyth: The Order of the Holey Sock

It’s been a little while since I last booted up Wildermyth for a campaign — perhaps too long. I’ve wanted to take a party through the other four or five hand-crafted campaigns in this wonderful RPG, and so today I’m going to kick off an adventure through module 2: The Enduring War.

Our starting party this time is Norly (greedy hothead Warrior), Erick (romantic poet Hunter), and Jenshae (snarky romantic Mystic).

In their village, the trio are sharing old tales of long-forgotten monsters like the Morthagi, which are these bone-and-metal constructs housing souls. I think. And wouldn’t you know it, a bunch of Morthagi suddenly pop up everywhere! Time to grab a pitchfork and get to pokin’.

After a fight, the crew decides that they need to become an official company to face this threat. Norly also has a bit of a crush on Erick. “Who would’ve thought Norly and Erick would make such a great team?” she says. Jenshae glares. “You’re nice too,” Norly adds sheepishly. They call their new company (drumroll please) the Order of the Holey Sock. The Sockies, for short.

The world is doomed.

After a follow-up fight in the middle of a forest (during which a giant, mysterious shape is seen lumbering by), Jenshae and Erick officially become rivals. Not quite sure why, but there we are. The crew heads back to their home town to recruit another party member: Keen, a goofish snark who takes up a bow. I like Hunters in this game. She’s a bit of a dolt, though, because the first thing she does is try to grab a gem from a statue and get it firmly lodged in her right eye. Eye gem!

I had forgotten how much I genuinely enjoy the tactical combat in this game. It’s so smooth and offers all sorts of interesting choices. Personally, I like using Jenshae’s mystic abilities to interfuse with objects and then turn them into booby traps against the enemy.

So all of Wildermyth is a series not so much of quests but of “opportunities” and encounters. And one of these involves two giant spirits — a hill spirit and a forest spirit — debating over the ownership of a shrine. Jen is called in to arbitrate, and she deems it the hill spirit’s, since it created it in the first place.

Subtle, Norly. Subtle.

In a tower full of abandoned Morthagi machinery, Keen decides to test her “theory.” Which is, basically, to build a friendly Morthagi. And she does! Sommelier the Morthagi joins the party as a helpful companion. As Norly says, “Well. This’ll be weird.”

If Wildermyth doesn’t make you laugh, I’m afraid you have a heart of stone. The best part of this game is witnessing your party have kooky conversations with each other. It really draws out their personalities. As the company journeys, Norly and Erick make a side trek to get some extra training from an ancient order of weird mystic knights. It’s a helpful week of, among other things, “hog dodging.”

A strange and fierce battle erupts around a forge, where a Morthagi is fleeing other of these bio-machines. We get no answers as to why, but it’s an intriguing development.

At the end of Chapter 1 here, 11 years pass by. Jenshae grows a mountain leg for having helped the mountain spirit, Erick and Norly marry, and Keen falls in love with a barman. All in all, a good start for the Order of the Holey Sock.

But the weirdness with the Morthagi is only beginning, it seems…

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