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Bio Break’s 20 Most Wanted Games

I was sitting down to revise one of my sidebar panels to turn it into a top 20 “most wanted” games list, and I thought I should also make this into a quick post. Here are the 20 games — single-player, multiplayer, mobile, and MMO — that I am most looking forward to playing as of right now. No particular order.

  1. The Sims 5 — I’m really curious what a new iteration might look like, and I wouldn’t mind a fresh start, either.
  2. The Outer Worlds 2 – Loved the first RPG to pieces, especially its game world, and am really psyched about a sequel.
  3. Starfield — I and everyone else am exceedingly curious what Bethesda is cooking with this scifi RPG.
  4. Two Point Campus — Sure, I’d be down for a college management game. Could be a lot more fun than a hospital!
  5. Nightingale — The Victorian angle is what’s currently selling me on this survival game.
  6. Ship of Heroes — It’s time we got a new superhero MMO. Will this one rise to the challenge?
  7. Return to Monkey Island — So excited we’re finally getting a new Monkey Island from
  8. Monsters & Memories — This is a very dark horse entry, but I dig the enthusiasm of this MMO team. Hope they can make something out of it.
  9. Pantheon — Who knows if this’ll ever get finished at this point, but I really wouldn’t mind seeing a spiritual successor to Vanguard.
  10. Mythforce — How cool is the idea of a roguelike based on Saturday morning cartoon aesthetics from the ’80s?
  11. Project Gorgon — It’s time to get this game launched, yo.
  12. Witchbrook — This fills the “I am undeniably interested in a follow-up to Stardew Valley, so yes, please.”
  13. Haunted Chocolatier — See above.
  14. Ashes of Creation — I’m still waiting to get my money out of this MMO. Make it happen.
  15. Corepunk — I’m the only person in the world pulling for this MMO, but I won’t relent.
  16. Diablo Immortal — Diablo on phones is a no-brainer win.
  17. Riot Games’ MMORPG — Big studio, big budget, big devs. It could be something amazing… or nothing at all.
  18. Palia — Probably my most-wanted MMORPG at this point. Really want to get into a cozy virtual world.
  19. Warcraft Arclight Rumble — Dang it if this doesn’t look addictive.
  20. Blizzard’s survival game — I can’t deny I’m curious.

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