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Looking back at my history with Kindles

Last week, my parents bought me an early birthday present — a brand-new Kindle Paperwhite to replace my old one, which had gotten a hole in the screen somehow. I’ve found it a delightful gift, especially since my previous Kindle was from 2014. Yes, I run technology into the ground, especially if it’s still working. Ask me how old my iPad mini is and why my wife keeps begging me to buy me a new one for Christmas, only to hear my refusal of “Hey, it still works!”

But I don’t mind an upgrade, no sirree! There’s more screen real estate, far faster page turning time, a “warm” backlight feature for reading before bed, and I even got a cover to go with it to keep it from getting scratched.

What’s weird to consider is that this is actually only my third Kindle… ever. I’ve had more kids than Kindles at this point in my life. Thanks putting my geeky life down in this blog, I have a record of this journey. My first one was 12 years ago in June 2010, presented to me by my father-in-law. This was the second edition of Kindle, I believe, with the clicky page turning buttons and the keyboard (which kindles needed for some reason, maybe shopping). My favorite feature with that one, aside from reading eBooks, was having a free internet via cell towers that came with the device.

Then for Christmas 2013, I bought myself a Kindle Paperwhite because I had to have that backlight. This became the trusty powerhouse reader that I would tote around for almost a decade — a time span that seems absolutely wild to me now. Other than slow page turning, I had no qualms with it. It was very durable, I could read in the dark, and it was small enough to slip into my pocket.

In fact — embarrassing admission time — just two weeks ago I had my kids tearing the house apart looking for this Kindle so that I could take it with me on a trip. Only to realize after 20 minutes that, yes, it was in my back pockets. I guess this is the new “those missing glasses are on your head.”

So now I’m onto my third. This actually delights my kids, because my old tech becomes their new toys. I’m setting up my old Paperwhite to be the kids’ ebook reader, and they are jazzed about it. And it pleases me, because I don’t like to get new stuff only to toss old tech onto a pile to be forgotten.

2 thoughts on “Looking back at my history with Kindles

  1. My favourite Kindle is the Voyage which was only briefly available around 2014. Functionally it was equivalent to the third iteration of the paperwhite but is thinner and lighter. It fits perfectly into a jacket pocket which makes it the ideal device for reading on my daily commute. I think it is still the smallest, thinnest Kindle they ever made but sadly it was too expensive to be a commercial success so they killed it off pretty quickly.

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