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Fallout 76: Quick, everyone run toward the nuclear explosion!

One of the nice things about rerolling in a game is that you can take all of your previous knowledge and experience — along with some newer research — and do everything “better” this time around. It certainly feels that way in Fallout 76. I’m more focused, less sloppy, and less at a loss of what to be focusing in these early levels.

Every time I log in, I mostly identify a quest or objective I want to work on, then plug away at that. Having a beginning, middle, and end of a task gives a feeling of satisfaction, even if it’s not super-substantial. And if I can knock off a few daily or weekly challenges, all the better, but I’m not going to stress out about it.

This time around, I made it a point to get my shelter early on and start working on at least making it more homey. Well, the opening hallway; everything in the bigger space is empty right now. I just need a quick place to zip back for free to do some crafting and storage.

Almost exclusively, I’m using the shotgun to make my mark on the wasteland. It’s just a standard pump-action with no special stats, although I have modded it as much as I can for increased range and punch. It does a good job taking down robots and super mutants alike.

And look at that — I even got my first backpack!

Usually when the game notifies me that a nuclear strike is about to hit, it’s all the way down in the lower-right corner of the map, far away from me. But the other day, I saw that one was going to hit not too far away from where I was questing. So I booked it over there in hopes of getting a screenshot — and lo and behold, I kind of got one as it crested over the ridge. Sure, now I’m glowing green and have gills, but it was worth the hassle.

One thought on “Fallout 76: Quick, everyone run toward the nuclear explosion!

  1. For some reason I find it hard to stay on task in Fallout 76 which sometimes can be fun but in this case leads me to feeling like I never get anything accomplished. I think I need to learn to not loot everything because I never get to my goal before I have to fast travel back and unload all my junk.

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