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Wildermyth: The wings of walking

The third chapter of the campaign opens with the Order of the Holey Sock investigating even more far-flung areas infested by the Mothragi. Erick and Norly’s kid tags along — he’s a fine enough mystic, but he’s kind of a sixth wheel in our perfect five-person group. Still, I should invest in him if my other guys get too old and retire before the campaign is through.

At a town renowned for its brews, the group is shocked to find a brewmaster making foul concoctions for the Mothragi because his wife is being held by them. Well, that’s not going to stand, especially since it gets in the way of Wyn getting her ale! Well, that’s a noble reason if I ever heard one.

After a fight, a bizarre beacon of light is seen shooting up into the heavens over the horizon. And you can bet that the Order wants to investigate.

Along the way, Jenshae — who will never not touch or talk to a spirit in the woods — makes contact with a giant walking tree. She gives it her heart, and he infuses her with legend and a new sense of purpose. She’s almost become a mythological creature herself.

It’s always exciting when a character levels up, because he or she gets to choose between four abilities that can drastically benefit fights or adventuring.

During an overnight stay in a rainstorm, the party encounters a — witch? seer? reader? — who speaks to Keen of a dream she has. A dream of flying. And the next morning, Keen is forever changed.

The journey to the beacon leads them back to their friend’s forge… which is now strangely devoid of life and full of used mothragi equipment. The crew fends off an assault from all sides before being left with no real answers.

Eleven more years of peace follow. Wyn goes drinking at her friend’s establishment, Norloth falls in love with a traveling salesperson, and Norly, my amazing front-line fighter, retires to be a rancher. However, Erick and Norly’s second son, Norlon, joins the Order in her stead. The game also let me choose who Norly imparts her life’s wisdom to, which I chose to be Norlon. He needs the hand up with an extra level.

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