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LOTRO: Rubberbanding back to the beginning

OK, I’m pretty much convinced at this point that Lothlorien is cursed. It sucks more my interest out of adventuring than Moria ever did, and I can’t exactly pin down why. Perhaps it’s the lack of actual leveling going on, but I think it’s also the dull-as-dirt questing that flows through this region. It’s a bunch of Elves too busy to clean up their own front porch because they’re gazing in rapturous awe at their trees, so I get to be the chore monkey.

Frodo? He got to rest here. Me? I’m told to go kill a bunch of bears but not THOSE bears because they’re covered by the Elvish Wildlife Protection Act of TA 1011.

So instead, I spent a whole lot of time last week working on my lowbie Captain. I won’t ever regret having a cappy on hand to tackle current content, I figure, so it was time to get her up to the level cap on Treebeard.

I could, of course, go with the standard leveling path of questing through the various zones. But having done that far too much in the past year, I elected for an alternative over self-induced burnout. I decided instead to focus on just doing a daily regimen of missions. Nothing exciting, to be sure, but it’s not the worst either. I can do about seven of the Trestlebridge missions in 30-45 minutes without being stressed or taxed during that time. It’s a perfect opportunity to listen to some music, watch a movie, or go through a podcast.

And since missions stay on-level with you, about the same effort keeps equating to the same result — about a full level every day. The plan is to get her up to 45 with missions, then start in on Moria. I’m not worried about being initially underleveled there, because in the history of LOTRO, no Captain has ever died.

OK, that’s a bit of a fib, but not too much of one.

We are just a couple of weeks away from the Mirkwood unlock on Treebeard, which will make up the next half-year of our lives in Middle-earth. I’m fine with that, although I am harboring a concern that six months may be too long for what has historically been seen as a half-expansion at best. I suspect alting is about to get a whole lot more popular than it already is.

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