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Wildermyth: The boy who cried wolfhead

The fourth chapter of the saga dawns with the Mothragi on the march again. However, the Order receives a mysterious note telling it to come to a certain pass and gain an advantage over them. Brothers Norlon and Norloth suit up.

It’s certainly unique to be adventuring with a party that is half made up of members from a single family. The little story scenes they include sons and dads talking back and forth, which is really impressive. I do miss Norly, though. A lot. She was the backbone of the Order, and it’s sad to see Erick venturing on without her.

While some of Wildermyth’s interludes are reflective, moving, or weird, others can be quite hilarious and personable. It kind of brings the game down-to-earth in a good way.

At a stone outcropping that looks like a wolf, Erick encounters the god that’s been calling to him for his entire life. He elects — against his son’s advice — to take an oath and become wolfkind. Practically, this means that Erick gets a big ol’ wolfhead for the rest of the campaign and his retirement age is bumped back a few years. Meanwhile in another province, Jenshae recruits a new warrior for the group named Helen. She’s a bit greedy, but she’ll do in a pinch. They also pick up Scraff, a hunter who can replace Keen when she retires at the end of this chapter.

One cool thing about defending against huge incursions is that you can use ALL of your heroes for the fight instead of just the normal five. It’s a good way for the greenhorns to get in some practice.

Seems like everyone is adjusting to Mr. Wolfhead pretty well at this point.

Stricken by a neigh-incurable disease, the party splits to find a cure for Wyn. The cure is found, but it could also be used to help a local pilgrim restore his long-lost sister. It’s no choice, really — Wyn sacrifices her future for the girl. It’s why the Order is made of heroes. The saved girl, Lonbera, asks to join the Order and help as she was helped.

Meanwhile, Helen makes a little friend when she chases a critter who stole her lucky coin into a cave. Love at first nibble!

The Order finally arrives at Foxrun Ring, where they find an enclave of “good” Mothragi who have been persecuted by all of the bad ones. What follows is a tense escort mission through a stream of never-ending spawns. It’s a nasty fight, and Scraff gets killed when she’s grappled to a spot and then surrounded by the enemy. Then, if that isn’t enough, Norloth sacrifices himself to create three friendly Mothragi to aid in the rest of the battle. The team triumphs, but at what cost?

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