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In search of a new(ish) summer MMO to play

As July heads our way, I’m feeling the intensifying need to shake things up in my current rut of gaming. LOTRO remains a faithful staple, but I don’t want to place all of my time and focus on a single game. I’ve found that leads to burnout way faster than normal and then I’m left without any alternatives. So I’ve started an investigation to diversify this summer, to either take up a title I haven’t played or played much before, or I need to return to an old staple.

And you know what that means — it’s LIST-MAKING TIME of serious contenders! (hey i like my lists, shut up)


  • Pros: I always love the idea of getting sucked into this involved community. Game is very healthy. I still have all of Shadowbringers and Endwalker to experience. Tab-targeting combat and ability to shift jobs.
  • Cons: This game has proven notoriously un-sticky for me past a month or two at a time. Subscription cost. Never quite found a class I that fits me.

World of Warcraft

  • Pros: Ultra-comfy option that’s easy to slip back into. Haven’t touched retail since early 2021. Could pursue my own objectives and ignore the endgame. Like the idea of starting a brand-new character. Dungeon finder.
  • Cons: Supporting Blizzard still feels yucky. Shadowlands is a dud and Dragonflight doesn’t look that much better. Not sure about a “future” in this game.

WoW Classic

  • Pros: Wrath Classic is on the way this year. Have a chunk of Burning Crusade left to do on my Shaman. I like the old school feel. Great guilds.
  • Cons: See above about supporting Blizz. No dungeon finder with Wrath. No news about what’s after Wrath.

Guild Wars 2

  • Pros: Well, there was that new expansion that people liked for two weeks or so. Lots of individual features I like in this game.
  • Cons: I feel over the whole package of Guild Wars 2. Storytelling is so dull. Expansion aside, Anet’s development for GW2 has really slowed down.

Project Gorgon

  • Pros: Haven’t gotten that far into this title at all, so plenty of unexplored territory. Great skill system. Imaginative.
  • Cons: Still looks pretty crude. Hasn’t launched yet. Heard it’s pretty grindy.


  • Pros: Slick gameplay. Have wanted to try out the Bard class. Easy pick-up-and-put-down play.
  • Cons: Some obtuse systems. Haven’t been able to push past the mid-game in all of my previous attempts. Don’t want to get caught up in horrible grinds.

Star Trek Online

  • Pros: Ship combat rules. Updated tutorial. Some new content. Scifi as an alternative to fantasy.
  • Cons: I’m still pretty disillusioned on Trek as a whole thanks to NuTrek. Not sure if I’m in the mood for space stuff right now.

No Man’s Sky

  • Pros: This game’s really built up a huge amount of content and features. Always feel bad for not having seen more. Flexibility of crafting, adventuring, and base-building.
  • Cons: Have to be in that survivalbox mindset. This title has overwhelmed me in the past regarding its learning curve.

New World

  • Pros: Really been meaning to get back into this for a second take. Lots of desirable MMO features here. New shotgun weapon.
  • Cons: Numbers and popularity has fallen dramatically. Worried about future of the game until it stabilizes.


  • Pros: Miss the heck out of this game. Has a full package of MMO features for me. Curious if there’s a community still there.
  • Cons: It could be closed at any moment. No future for the game.


It felt helpful to write down this list and encouraging that there are several games that are of current interest to me. More than I thought at first, to tell the truth. I haven’t decided yet, but perhaps I should schedule a month to one or two of each of these for the remainder of the year, see what sticks after that month.


2 thoughts on “In search of a new(ish) summer MMO to play

  1. Warhammer: Age (Return) of Reckoning
    * pros: lively community, new cities (dwarf / greenskin), open world pvp is always exciting
    * cons: mainly pvp, outdated graphics, quick to find yourself in a rut

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