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Wildermyth: Striking at the core

As the fifth and final chapter of the campaign dawns, the tattered remnants of the Order of the Holey Sock age a decade. Erick feels more wild than ever, thanks to his wolf head. One day, Wyn passes away due to her illness and is no more. Another one of the founding members, gone, but her son Wynglin takes up her role as warrior.

Meanwhile, a mountain explodes and hostile Mothragi stream out, ready to devour the world. If there was ever a time for a band of heroes to turn back the tide, now is it. Erick, Jenshae, Keen, and the newer recruits head on a quest that might well be their last.

And because Keen is already half-bird, she’s able to command crows to fight enemies for the Order. You’ve come a long, weird way, baby.

Mysterious smells coming through an unnatural portal? Better dive in and find out what it’s all about! She’s actually OK — and comes back with magical bread and a vow to never reveal what was behind the portal. Fair enough.

As would be expected, the fights of this fifth chapter are a lot more intense and packed with mobs. A little tedious to slog through them, but not too bad. Probably my favorite thing is laying down traps and splashing poison all over mobs before they can get to me.

Thanks to her tireless efforts to protect the world, Jenshae is called to be a guardian — after her death. The precise form of her new incarnation is up for debate, apparently.

The Order of the Holey Sock finally arrives at the Mothragi Core and prepares to wipe out this bio-mechanical plague once and for all. As the company explores the tunnels of this fortress, Mithgus shows up with reinforcements — and a hail from Norloth, wherever he may be.

The final battle is surprisingly easy, all things considered. The Mothragi cores — which were driving some of these creatures mad — were destroyed, and the surviving good Mothragi went into hiding for a few hundred years. The Order split up and returned to life, with Jenshae passing away and becoming a fox guardian.

A very good campaign, all things considered, and I shall miss this cast (although they joined the game’s legacy feature, so they may appear in the future). Thanks for reading this series!

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