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Syp’s gaming goals for July 2022

June 2022

  • June was a little more unfocused in gaming than I would have liked. Getting the whole house to myself for a week resulted in a glut of gaming time, which I spent playing through the entirety of the excellent Life is Strange: True Colors. It’s rare that I go on a start-to-finish gaming adventure in the span of a few days like that.
  • Most all of my MMO gaming was spent in Lord of the Rings Online. I half-heartedly worked my Minstrel through Lothlorien while dabbling with many different alts — some new, some more established. By the end of the month, I settled on alternating gaming nights between my Minstrel and Lore-master on the Treebeard server.
  • Speaking of full adventures, I went through a five-chapter campaign in Wildermyth. Good times and weird mutations were had by all.
  • I tried and was largely unimpressed by Diablo Immortal.
  • I had some fun with a new character in Fallout 76 but didn’t quite get the steam that I had hoped. It’s something to dabble with, I suppose.
  • And I wrapped up Blackwood (finally) in Elder Scrolls Online, moving on to Dashaan.

July’s gaming goals

  • The aim this coming month is to kick my gaming habits in shape — be more organized, more purposeful. This is in part due to a change in my schedule where I’m going to cut down on my nightly gaming to squeeze in an hour of walking.
  • So with LOTRO, I’ll stick with this alternating nightly pattern between Minstrel (Treebeard) and Captain (Landroval). My goal isn’t so much to get to a certain level or zone clear but to stick with this pattern and see how it works over the course of a month. I’ve wanted to get back to doing at least a bit on a normal server just in case Treebeard poops out in the future or if there is additional high level content coming that I’ll want to play. Getting Gundabad finished by the end of summer would be great.
  • After some deliberation on a different MMO to play, I’m going to go back to New World this month to check out the changes, roll up a new character, and see if I can find a friendly community there. If I can get to level 20, I’ll feel like I’ve done an honest day’s work.
  • I’m also leaving the door open to return to World of Warcraft (retail), start up a fresh character on a server I’ve never played, and just pursue my own objectives. It’d be nice to have an MMO on my Macbook.
  • And I’m going to work on a new Sims 4 project, perhaps as a recurring blog series. Been a while since I’ve played and I need something cozy, relaxing, and creative to enjoy. This should hit the spot.

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