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WoW Classic: A whole new world, a new fantastic point of view

After skipping around in newbie areas last week in WoW Classic, I made a return to my Shaman, abandoned these past few months in Blade’s Edge Mountains. She’s my only 70 at the moment, with two-and-a-half zones left to quest through and more than 2500 gold to raise to get her epic flying mount. With the rumor going around that Wrath is opening up in early September, it’s time to get that done.

But a problem existed: In my absence, my guild had up and left the server. Mankrik is almost 95% (give or take) Horde-dominated, and it’s simply not fun to be Alliance there. But that meant I either had to struggle on alone (I wasn’t finding any guilds), reroll where my guild went, or bite the bullet for a transfer. I went with the last one, because I didn’t want to lose all of the effort I put into this character.

So it was back to questing in Blade’s Edge. The flying mount certainly helps a whole lot with this, even though I move sooo slowly. Getting back into the rhythm of Enhance Shammy combat was pretty quick and simple, seeing as how I usually only use a few buttons per fight anyway. It’s still satisfying to see a bunch of procs go off and my character start swinging away like a madwoman.

It’s not my favorite zone, both aesthetically and narratively, but then again, I can’t remember doing these quests much at all. And hey, lookit me, I’m super tiny now! That can’t be good.

I hooked up with a group that went through an elite chain, scoring a very nice blue upgrade to my head slot afterwards. That felt like a good night.

I’m pretty much going day-to-day with this right now, but being back in Classic is certainly hitting the spot. If I’m still around for Wrath Classic — gritting my teeth about the dungeon finder all the while — I’ll probably level through Northrend with my Shaman first, leave a Death Knight to a later date. Figure it’ll all be packed with DKs early on anyway, so no need to jostle with the pack.

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