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Syp’s gaming goals for August 2022

July 2022 in review

  • While I didn’t exactly stick to my plan to play New World, Sims, or WoW retail this month, I was pleased to settle into a very nice routine juggling for MMOs and consistently working on blog posts for each. It’s made scheduling posts a lot easier so that I’m not scrambling each Friday to fill out the next week.
  • With that out of the way, the games! The big surprise this month was going back to RIFT, one of my all-time favorite MMOs. I created a new Cleric, found a guild, and got busy questing my way through the introductory zones. This easily became my most-screenshotted game of the month.
  • I kept up with my plan to bounce back and forth between my Minstrel and Captain on a nightly basis in Lord of the Rings Online. My Minstrel’s in her mid-60s in Mirkwood, while my Captain hit the level cap of 140 and put down another Gundabad zone.
  • I signed up for a couple of months of WoW Classic, and after puttering around with a handful of new characters, I resumed questing on my level 60 Shaman. She pushed through more Burning Crusade content, finishing up Blade’s Edge Mountains and into Netherstorm.
  • And finally, Fallout 76 sent me on many enjoyable (but familiar) early quests while also prompting me to accomplish challenges to get those SCORE rewards.

August 2022’s gaming goals

  • I wanted to make some time in my schedule to give No Man’s Sky another go. With so many patches and improvements, this game deserves another shot. I would very much like to fall in love with it, if I can only “get” it.
  • And while I failed to devote space to New World last month, I’m going to try again in August with a new character. Blunderbuss, here I come!
  • I’ll be playing WoW Classic just to save up gold for my epic flying mount, but I’m going to throttle back in this quite a lot. Once I hit 5,000 gold, I’m shelving this until Wrath arrives.
  • In LOTRO, I want to get a really good chunk of Mirkwood done on my Minstrel and hit level 65. I also want to finish up Gundabad on my Captain so that I can free up that character gaming slot for the Hobbit Lore-master in September.
  • And as for RIFT, simply questing through zones and doing the puzzle for each will make me happy. My goal is to finish up two zones by month’s end.

2 thoughts on “Syp’s gaming goals for August 2022

  1. Once I hit 5,000 gold, I’m shelving this until Wrath arrives.

    Are you big into playing the auction house? Because it seems unlikely that you’d hit 5000g before Wrath just by questing…

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