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RIFT: How to train your dragon to fetch your paper

I figure that if I’m really going back to RIFT, if I’m really giving it a shot, then I have to play as a Dwarf. It’s my personal tradition, and so I quickly re-rolled and scooted through the beginner zone just to play a shorty.

Here’s our 2022 dream team: Syperia the Cleric, Widdershins the faerie, and DUCKLAR the magnificent. Let’s go pluck some feathers, my friends!

Man, this moment of hopping up on my ice strider and seeing a rift open in the distance triggered a near-euphoric flood of nostalgia. Almost drowned in it, I did.

Once I got to Silverwood, I paused to make a nice adventuring outfit from my very extensive wardrobe. I love that the stuff you unlocked a decade ago is still hanging around, ready to be used.

Some people call RIFT an ugly game even to this day, but for my money, I don’t see it. I always love the colorful creatures, effects, and atmospheric lighting.

While doing more quests and a couple of rifts — with other players, I might add — I found myself at the mage’s college. Here, I bumped into series’ favorite Scotty. I’ll admit it, the nostalgia twinge hit hard once again. Love you, Scotty!

Doing rifts still feels epic, but the paltry rewards — even after killing this monstrous fire dragons up here — don’t make it worth my while. Back to questing I go!

To help clear up room in my inventory, I hastily dumped a whole bunch of dimension objects in my housing space (while deleting ones I’ll never use). It’s weird, it’s cozy, it’s home!

2 thoughts on “RIFT: How to train your dragon to fetch your paper

  1. Now I want to re-install Rift. I also favor the dwarves. You know what I really like about it in addition to the Dimensions? Fishing. Fishing in that game is full of rewards.

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