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Fallout 76: I forgot where I parked my space station

I kicked off this week’s adventures in Fallout 76 with a combat tour through Morgantown Airport. This is one of my favorite places if I simply want to go on a shooting spree and stock up on ammo. There are tons of scorched and things to loot, and occasionally I hit a barrel and trigger a fun explosion. I’m helping!

Level 27 and heading into Grafton to work on the “Bureau of Tourism” questline. At this point, I’m exclusively using shotguns. Nothing else at my level is putting down mobs as fast while being forgiving in the aiming process.

While I’m there and fending off super mutants, a nuke goes off right over the ridge. Well, that can’t be good for tourism.

“Hey man, whatcha drinkin’ there? Water? Looks a little suspicious to me, but you go right ahead. Drink to your health.”

One thing about wastelanders — they always use the whole buffalo. Or, in this case, the whole crashed space station. Looks very secure, too.

Due to more regular play, I’ve actually made more progress this season on the scoreboard than any previous one. I try not to stress about it too much, tho. If the challenge is easy to do, I’ll do it, but otherwise I ignore it and just quest. Feels like a good approach to me.

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