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WoW Classic: Newsflash, Netherstorm is boooooring

With the Blade’s Edge Mountains at my back, I turn to the Netherstorm in WoW Classic. I’ve always been divided over the zone itself. The looks are a little too dour and purple for my taste, but it’s not absolutely horrible either. Just kind of a shattered post-apocalyptic landscape with rockets and a large terrarium. Hey, whatever gets me to 5,000 gold is fine with me. I’m 3,100 and counting.

The one thing that’s hanging over everyone’s head in this game is the presumed late September launch date for Wrath Classic. I’ve seen guildies spin down raids and work more on alts in preparation for it. Personally, I’m in a good place with at least one character who will be ready to go on day one. It’ll definitely be good to move into the Wrath era — and hopefully stay there — because Burning Crusade never did have that go-the-distance quality to it.

The only redeeming factor of Netherstorm, at least in my eyes, are these protected preserves. At least in these bubblegum spheres is greenery and life, of a sort. I actually get grumpy when I have to leave it and go back to Purple Rock Land.

Compared to last month’s experimentation with new characters, where there’s all sorts of fast(ish) progression and changes of scenery, picking up a character at the level cap where all there is to do is check off bland quests and gradually make money, I can say it’s not as compelling.

I honestly don’t know how people have stuck around in Burning Crusade Classic this long, because I know the dungeons and raids aren’t that great. Geez, I don’t know how I lasted back in the day. Actually, I didn’t — I pooped out about halfway through the expansion and got hooked on the idea of jumping over to the up-and-coming Warhammer Online.

If it wasn’t for Wrath Classic, I probably would consider this a month spent indulging in whims and eject about now. Instead, I have to ask myself how much I’m really into the idea of Wrath and wanting to be ready on Day One. Maybe? It’s not that I lack other things to play at the moment, but I know that Northrend was a huge improvement. So maybe throttling back on my time so that I don’t burn out entirely and give myself some time to think is best.


One thought on “WoW Classic: Newsflash, Netherstorm is boooooring

  1. I don’t how I would feel about it today, but I don’t remember The Burning Cru—y’know what? I do remember TBC being kind of terrible. It seemed amazing when I first stepped through the portal. But the only zones I really liked were Nagrand and Zangarmarsh, in that order.

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