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Winding down in WoW Classic while mourning the mobile WoW that never will be

You know, on general principle I don’t mind the color purple. I don’t. It’s not my favorite, but it’s within spitting distance of colors that I am fond of (burgundy, lavender) so I put up with it. But WoW Classic’s Netherstorm really puts my tolerance of purple to the test. Too much of any one color, frankly, can wear out its welcome fast.

As I work to quest my way through this Purple Kool-Aid zone, I gave myself a secondary objective, which was to build up my stock of leather. I don’t care super-strongly about my Leatherworking, but I have invested a lot of time into it and should probably top it off so that I can carry it forward into Wrath. And hey, if nothing else, the armor kits are highly useful.

Hey, it’s ghost cow! Ghost cow, do you have any words for our readership? “MOOOOve along, nothing to see here.”

While I was prepared to keep playing WoW Classic right up through Wrath Classic, I couldn’t ignore that after a few nights, I was just logging in out of habit and obligation rather than desire. That’s not a good sign. There’s more excitement in Classic starting up a new character, but trudging through Burning Crusade was getting old. I’m not saying I’m abandoning it for good or forever, but I have other games I’d rather be playing right now, so they get my time.

One game that I — and you — won’t be playing is a mobile World of Warcraft MMO that reportedly was tanked after three years (!) of development. I have really mixed feelings on this. On one hand, mobile WoW sounds amazing (and I am still holding a torch for Arclight Rumble). I really would’ve liked to see the end result of that team’s effort and for another MMO to come to market. On the other hand, this was being done with Netease, and after the absolute mess that this partnership made out of Diablo Immortal, it’s probably a good thing for the two studios to part ways.

It’s probably the closest that we’ll ever get to seeing a WoW 2 come out, and it was gone pretty much right when we learned about it. That leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

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