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Blaugust 2022: The secret benefit from writing a gaming blog

Whether it’s crafting novels, jotting out love letters, or blogging about games, writing takes time. It’s a patently obvious fact, but I wanted to drag it out into the open because that’s where a lot of people stumble when they try to get into a routine of regular writing of any kind. Day One? Writing is no problem because you’re excited and it’s all new and novel! Day Twenty? Not so much.

So if you’re going to write regularly, you need motivation and good habits, because the words aren’t going to magically appear. They demand you sacrifice some of your time and don’t promise amazing results. It certainly helps if you love what you’re writing about (which, ideally, is all blogs).

But hey — I’m going to share a secret today. A little bit of encouragement to help you through those rough days of writing gaming blogs. And that’s the fact that blogging can be a great asset to your gaming life as a whole. For all of the time that you give to writing about games, the blog can and does give a bit back beyond fame and community connections.

The secret is that a gaming blog helps to give your actual gaming more purpose. Now, I don’t want to hold this up like the Lion King and declare that this purpose will one day rule over all the lands the sun touches. It’s a small-p “purpose.” Got me? But it is real. Because when you’re gaming and happen to be a gaming blogger, no session ever has to be wasted.

What I mean is that you can always turn your gaming experiences into a future post if you’re thinking about it that way. Try out a game that’s just flat-out awful? If you weren’t a blogger (or a YouTuber, etc.), you just blew a chunk of time on a disappointing experience. If you are a blogger? Now you’ve got great fodder for a post. You can spin gold out of that pile of poo!

No matter what MMORPG I play, I know I can get blog posts out of them, so I don’t feel under pressure to make that time and game selection count as much as I might have otherwise. For example, right now I’ve been spending a good chunk of time in RIFT — a game that many people are avoiding because it’s in maintenance mode and there are assumptions of its imminent demise. But as a blogger, I know that I get a two-for-one deal: The fun experience of playing it and the satisfying experience of blogging about it. I am documenting memories to preserve this game for the future, and to me, that gives those gaming sessions more purpose.

Gaming certainly wasn’t meaningless or pointless before blogging, but since I started writing about them, it’s given a nice heft to my time spent in games. Whether I’m about to have a great, mediocre, or terrible night playing titles, I can always take that and use it to entertain others. That’s not nothing!

6 thoughts on “Blaugust 2022: The secret benefit from writing a gaming blog

  1. I completely agree with this!

    As a creative person, the things I do need to have more purpose beyond just doing them. If I were only playing games just to play them, I’d eventually start asking myself what’s the point of wasting all this time? But since I often play games with blogging in mind, I feel like the act of gaming is part of my creative process.

    Do I NEVER game just for fun? No, there’s plenty of that. But there’s also a creative outlook to games whenever I play – such as taking screenshots as I experience things to capture good moments for writing. I feel okay to play for fun for a bit of time since the rest of the time I’m mentally documenting how I can make this into my next post. 🙂

    It’s also a way to share and connect with other gamers the experiences I’ve had. I think the process of sharing brings us all closer and may even validate people who game just for fun. Sometimes we all need a little of that.

    Great post!

  2. I agree in general but there’s a dark flip-side to this, too. It’s all too easy to find yourself in a place where every gaming session becomes a fact-finding mission or a research opportunity. You can find yourself constantly interrupting your own flow to take screenshots you might want for a post (Most of which you’ll never look at again, let alone use.) or to make notes you might need to refer to when you come to write up your experiences. (Which you almost certainly won’t get around to doing.)

    I’ve occasionally reached the point where I’ve played for days without ever actually enjoying a game for itself, only for what I can get out of it. I found that particularly so when I was posting daily for months on end. It’s easier now I take a couple of days out each week but I’d still recommend being quite clear with yourself about the purpose of each session and allowing plenty of time to just play with no other intent than to enjoy yourself in the moment.

  3. I find that not only games but many other activities can make for good blog posts. Hence I write about my day trips around the UK, what I’m currently watching or reading and random day-to-day activities. The oddest things can get traction.

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