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RIFT: An infestation of hellbugs

This week in RIFT found me at level 18 and still working my way through Silverwood’s many questlines. These zones never skimped on quests, let me tell you that!

Silverwood’s a great zone if you want to start out your heroing career by beating up on elves and faeries. It’s coming at me with a flower! Quick, kill it with extreme prejudice!

It was always a tradition of mine to get the achievement for climbing to the highest point in the zone, so I made sure to add that to my RIFT bucket list. I can see my dimension from up hereeeeee

Defiance may be dead, but you can still fight their hellbugs in RIFT. Away with you, you cranky beasts from the netherworld! Or at least have some decency and put on pants!

Scotty growing big and getting revenge on his schoolmate bully is a fan favorite moment. “Scotty, you’re so mean!”

I’ve never heard people talk much about the mob design in the game, but I’ve always found RIFT’s creatures to be wonderfully (and strangely) detailed. Lotsa personality in them, even in a lowbie goblin. With a spike hand. And ear-antlers? And one blind eye.

Even as I hit level 20, I’m still not done with Silverwood. A few final setpieces remain, including this organic fae fortress that can’t withstand the awesome power of my duck.

Level 21 and the final fortress of the zone. Have I mentioned how brilliant I think Silverwood’s quest flow is? It takes you all over the place but always feels organic. In any case, I complete the (easy) puzzle and wrap up the place. Thanks for the memories, zone!

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