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RIFT: Unmasking the hairy conspiracy of Gloamwood

With Silverwood done in RIFT, my Dwarf Cleric moved into one of my favorite zones in the game — Gloamwood. AKA “that Halloween zone” (at least that’s what I call it in my head). Darker skies, rustling bare tree branches, and the howls of werewolves await…

RIFT always had a unique style for many of its structures. I liked these puffy gnome-cap houses that you find in Gloamwood’s main town. Anyway, starting out at a literal crossroads. Spider-killing, anyone?

Hey Mr. Skeleton, mind if I desecrate your grave? You do? Well, I’ll tell you what. I’ll let you have two free whacks with your pickaxe there and then we’ll have a proper throw down. That’ll be a fun way to pass the time.

As I uncovered the Great Werewolf Conspiracy (again), I dinged 24 and was able to slot my greater faerie healer. To celebrate, I whipped up a new outfit — with blue leaf wings, why not. I’m not usually a “wing” kind of guy, but I’ll make an exception here. Don’t mess with this dwarf, people. She has the power of chlorophyll!

And I’m going to need it, too, because Gloamwood takes everything up a notch. Oh, it’s not that difficult, but the story is intense and surprisingly well-done. If you like twists and turns in your MMO narrative, then you’d do well to examine the overarching flow of the storyline in this region. To simplify:

  1. You’re made aware of a goblin threat that you work hard to eradicate
  2. Coming back to the town, everyone throws you a huge fireworks party and hails you as a hero, making you think that everything is over and done
  3. But there’s a much greater threat out there, and the goblins/fireworks were a distraction
  4. There’s actually a hag turning the nobility into werewolves and vampires hiding in plain sight
  5. You confront the mayor over this, uncover the conspiracy, and confront then hag…
  6. …and she then turns you into a werewolf! At least for a while.
  7. Then you confront her for a second time and clear out the infection from the zone.
  8. THEN you have to return to the town and root out the remaining werewolves.
  9. Finally, the real celebration breaks out.

It’s pretty awesome and I loved re-discovering it. I had forgotten most of these steps until they happened, then it was like, “Oh YEAH, I remember this!”

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