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LOTRO: I am the GOATs

Captain report

Oh, I’m not the greatest anything, just in case you were wondering from the headline. I’m referring to LOTRO’s actual heroes, the amazing goats who made it possible for Middle-earth adventurers to traverse through the scariest and most mountainous terrain to bring the fight to the Enemy. These goats are the GOATs.

I particularly liked the design of the semi-transparent glass spiders in their lair. LOTRO has a LOT of spiders — more so than most MMOs, thanks to Shelob and Mirkwood from the books — but it’s always interesting to me when the devs can put interesting spins on these eight-legged critters.

And when it’s not spiders, it’s crabs. I really liked this model, I think it’s new — at least, I don’t recall seeing it before. Enjoy that screenshot, I was trying to hard to get a good angle and get rid of the hovering text that I ended up dying because I wasn’t healing or had the HUD on to see my damage.

I went on a bit of a screenshot binge in this solo instance, but can you blame me? It was so pretty and unlike a lot of the world I had seen so far. LOTRO’s world designers are still cranking out amazing stuff.

Relatively quickly, I was done with this zone. Big thumbs-up for Gloomingtarn in all categories: overall zone design, instances, and a well-paced storyline that culminated in a bit of a huge shocker. Loved it.

Minstrel report

Last Wednesday was also notable for the fact that I was able to transfer my three Anor characters to Landroval for free. Initially, I was only excited because I could bring over my (expensive) Rohan premium house, a ton of currency, and a lot of wardrobe items. In fact, my wardrobe expanded from 300/300 to 475/300 instantly. I had no idea there were 175 unique items in my Anor wardrobe, but now I am beyond full on Landy. Don’t know how I’ll ever get more space there!

But as I dusted off my Minstrel and sorted through her inventory, I found myself appreciating all of the hard work I put into her those several years ago. I mean, I’m pretty much recreating her exact journey on Treebeard, just several expansions behind. So I started to entertain the thought of simply putting down my Treebeard mini and picking this one back up, especially now that I can move at my own pace. It’d be nice sticking with just one kinship on one server, I think. And hey, she’s got a fancy goat to boot. Sold!

One thought on “LOTRO: I am the GOATs

  1. I always thought the LOTRO developers went out of their way to create new, more horrific spiders. Why did it have to be spiders? Those legs! Looking as if they’re sharpening knives when at rest, moving impossibly fast when attacking.

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