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WoW Classic: Wrath on the horizon

Sometimes being an MMO gamer means going from “having no inclination to go back to a game” to “hm, I wonder if I should” to “INSTALLATION COMPLETE” in a manner of hours. And so it was with WoW Classic this past week. I really thought I was going to cruise through the Wrath Classic launch without paying it much attention, but the general increase in community hype proved irresistible as did two other things: The pre-patch and the desire to experience a launch.

With this second one, it’s completely indulgent. But if I look back at 2022 to date, I haven’t enjoyed the crazy fun of a big launch aside from the flash-in-the-pan Diablo Immortal and Lost Ark (neither of which had that newly launched MMO feeling to me anyway). And looking ahead, for the rest of the year, Wrath Classic is probably going to be it aside from LOTRO’s Before the Shadow mini-expansion. I want the buzz, the Day One crush, the conversations, and the guild resurgence. Is that too much to ask?

But the pre-patch period is providing its own entertainment. What I had totally forgotten is that this patch was going to bring all of the Wrath talent trees and skills (and glyphs) in with it, which changes everything. Wrath, for me, is when most of the classes of the game felt like they really came into their own — especially my beloved Enhancement Shaman.

When I logged in the other night, I gleefully respecced her and enjoyed a much zippier character. One thing that I used to love so much about this class — before Blizzard gutted it — is that Enhancement kind of functions like a pet summoner. You get the hard-hitting and rapid healing feral spirits every three minutes and the fire and earth elementals every 10. Plopping down three pets (all of which last for a good chunk of time before de-summoning) in the middle of a camp of mobs is a pure joy.

Thanks to the class improvements and my flying mount speed now improved to 150% (versus the 60% I had struggled with throughout the Burning Crusade), I started to crash through quests a lot faster than I had even a month before. So even at a casual rate, I should have the last two zones of Outland wrapped up well in advance of Northrend opening its doors.

As for future plans in WoW Classic, I’m still figuring that out. Unlike a whole lot of other people, I’m not making a Death Knight during this month. If I end up sticking around in Wrath to the point where my Shammy gets Northrend all done and I need a new challenge, I’ll probably make a DK as a future treat. But right now I’m just going to feel out the expansion and my level of interest, see how dungeons go with the new LFG tool, and operate on a month-to-month basis.

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