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Is EverQuest II the forgotten MMORPG?

The other day, I was passed along a video that took several (hundred) screenshots of EverQuest II and put them in a nearly four-hour-long video that married relaxing music and ambient noises. The idea, as the video’s author said, was to showcase the game world and put the viewer at ease.

It was as good as any tour that I could think of to show off the MMORPG. I didn’t watch the whole thing, of course — ain’t nobody has four hours to view a glorified screensaver — but I did skip around and see all sorts of sights that I never have before due to only playing the game casually a few times.

As I watched, two thoughts bubbled up in my mind. The first is that EverQuest II is, indeed, very pretty in spots and has its own trademark visual style. It may not be my favorite style, but it’s not ugly and does this fantasy world justice.

The second is that EverQuest II is kind of a very forgotten MMO in 2022. On Reddit, Twitter, blogs… I almost never hear people talking about this title. I’m not saying never, because it does pop up here and there, but even the game’s die hard fans don’t seem to be as vocal as they were even a half-decade ago.

Maybe the title really has established such a loyal and comfortable niche that nobody’s evangelizing EQ2 any more. Daybreak will pump out the yearly expansions on time, people will play them, but nobody — including the studio — will make much of a big deal about it. If I recall correctly, EG7’s investor report from a year or so ago noted that this MMO is upstaged by the original EverQuest in terms of profitability.

I don’t think EverQuest II is the MOST forgotten MMO, as that pile is pretty large at this point. But it is one of the more rare entries that used to be a bigger deal and became almost invisible in the end.

That’s kind of a real shame. Any MMO that survives this long and expands this widely has a wealth of adventures and landmarks to see. I myself will probably never have time to devote to plumbing its depths, although my recent return to RIFT has taught me that there’s great stuff out there worth visiting that’s not in the MMO top fives.

3 thoughts on “Is EverQuest II the forgotten MMORPG?

  1. The dev team got new art tools maybe eight or nine years back and everything they’ve added since looks hugely better than the older stuff. Some of it is gorgeous. The problem, as with all older mmos, is that new players always start in the oldest parts (Or sometimes in the newer-older parts, when there was a starting zone revamp some time in the past) so the first impression is never as good as it could be.

    EQII is a phenomenally deep, content-rich game now, as you might expect after all this time, but that also mitigates against new players. Because, unlike Blizzard, DBG don’t throw everything out with each expansion but either leave it where it is or iterate on it, the sum total of systems is ferociously confusing by now. I play for around half the year after expansions before drifting away and it always takes me a while to get back up to speed when I come back. I can only imagine what it must be like for people who’ve been away for years or have never played at all.

    For that reason, I wouldn’t really encourage anyone to try the game casually. I wouldn’t suggest anyone tries any older mmo casually, to be honest. It’s a lot easier to start in anewer game, even if it is a thinner experience overall.

  2. Thank you for the video, perfect to play while doing other stuff.

    I always wanted to play EQII, i did once and i stopped after reaching third zone to find it mostly empty, but i know things will get better later, so maybe i should give it another try.

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