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WoW Classic: Wrath on the horizon

Gawrsh, who doesn’t enjoy logging into a game only to find that the first thing on the docket is an escort quest? How about I be the escortee and you keep the mobs off of ME, eh?

Fangs vs. Claws, who will win? I hope I will, but only if the reward is being done with Netherstorm. Or this whole expansion. Burning Crusade may have seemed so fresh and exciting at one point, but I think that was only for decent quest flow — because it’s certainly not for zone design or stories.

Happily, after 125 or so quests (!) in Netherstorm, I wrapped up all but the elites that I couldn’t find parties for, and thus headed down to Shadowmoon Valley with 4689 gold in my pocket and a song in my heart.

But instead of doing quests there, I took stock of what I wanted to accomplish in this last week, and doing this zone wasn’t it. Rather, I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to top off my leatherworking skill, so I found some good grinding areas and set to farming leather. It was low-stress, low-thought, and somewhat profitable with the extra drops.

I do have a regret that I went leatherworking with this character, though. I haven’t really gotten that much out of it in terms of benefits and gear, and now I wish that I had gone full engineering to have that character good to go for Wrath (as I was doing with my Warlock). I guess I could start over and level up mining and engie, but man would that take a whole lot of work — and strand me in the middle of that project when Wrath launches.

To change things up a little bit, I did roll a Death Knight — wasn’t planning to, but I figured that I could at least get one through the starter zone and have it there if I wanted to continue with it. It’s the OP class of Wrath, dontcha know?

It is oddly encouraging and fascinating to see the huge swell of pre-launch interest for Wrath. The servers are all sorts of a mess right now, with lots of overcrowding, and people are scrambling to level up Death Knights and zoom through fresh start server lands. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like at the end of the month when Northrend opens for realsies.

For whatever reason, the above picture triggered a huge dose of nostalgia. Right then I could imagine being back in 2008, going through this starter experience for the first time. The Death Knight became one of my main classes forever after that, so it was a personal milestone to start off.

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