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WoW Classic: Pulling the ripcord on engineering

Nothing like making huge, last-minute changes right before a major expansion launch to get the heart rate going! But what the heck, I wasn’t enjoying leatherworking on my Shaman and figured that at least Engineering kept me fixated on fun goals. So with a week and a half to Wrath Classic’s release, I wiped out those old professions and trained up in mining and engineering. Could I make it all the way to 375 on each before the launch?

11 Days Until Wrath (1 mining/1 engineering): Trained engineering and mining in Ironforge. Cleaned out a ton of space in my bank and sold off all my leather material on the auction house. Spent a while running long laps in Dun Morogh to find copper, after which I moved up to Redridge to start collecting as much tin as I could find. I also wiped out gnolls en masse to build up reservoirs of linen and wool for engineering projects.

10 Days Until Wrath (117 mining/137 engineering): I wanted to get as strong of a start to this process as possible, because the first 100 points come super-easy — and then it gets exponentially more difficult. I felt like I came into this day with a good chunk of progress as I returned to Redridge for more tin/silver mining. I kept the progress going into the iron tier, jumping up to Arathi while taking breaks every now and then to return to Stormwind for smelting and some bursts of engineering. And yes, I’m using a guide to move as quickly as possible through the engie track.

While I was doing all that, I decided to go guild shopping since I wasn’t clicking much with my old guild. People coming and going, but no good conversations and no strong connections. It was time to move on.

9 Days Until Wrath (180 mining/175 engineering): The good news is that a kind guildie sent me 15 gold ore to help me get through the iron/gold mining tier. The bad news is that this landed me at mithril, which is rough to come by — especially with gobs of people farming as I am. I spent a couple of hours watching a movie and mindlessly farming Badlands for Mithril, which took me up to 240. After that, I gave myself a bit of a boost by purchasing four stacks of 20 thorium ore off the auction house and zipping ahead to 283. That left me with 17 points to farm from Azeroth before heading to Outlands.

8 Days Until Wrath (283 mining/175 engineering): With my bank overflowing with lower level mats that I don’t need any more for engineering, I spent some time installing Auctioneer and hopefully making back a bit of the 100g or so I’ve spent so far on these profs. I also pushed hard to get both profs up to 300 — even if it meant spending some money buying mithril and thorium that I didn’t have extra time to mine (although I did a couple of hours of farming).

7 Days Until Wrath (300 mining/300 engineering): One week to go — and I’m finally in Outland with both professions brought up to the first expansion. I’m not so worried at this point about mining, but I know engineering is going to require a HUGE amount of mats. As I started in on farming fel iron ore across Hellfire Peninsula, I finally installed a node tracker addon to assist with my flight patterns. It certainly helped, and I got 25 points by the end of the day.

6 Days Until Wrath (325 mining/300 engineering): Didn’t have time to play today, oh well.

5 Days Until Wrath (325 mining/300 engineering): Moved on to mine in other Outland, trying to hoover up as many mats as I can for the engineering push ahead. Starting to feel the crunch of the time counting down and contemplating extra days needed for this project if I can’t make it by launch. Happily, by the end of the day I breezed right to 375 mining with no problems whatsoever.

4 Days Until Wrath (375 mining/300 engineering): With mining done and the clock running out, it was time to get serious about pushing engineering up. One happy discovery was that I was able to make my flying machine (the basic version, at least) only a couple of dozen points into Outland engineering. But I realized I would go absolutely broke if I didn’t mine more ore by myself.

I also finished up the Death Knight intro zone with my Gnome. I figure it’s a two-for-one deal: I get a DK on standby if/when I want to play her, and I earn a free mount in WoW retail. Plus, it was kind of crazy to see the old DK talent trees. Perma-ghoul, here I come!


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