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Welcome to Wrath Classic!

Monday night, 5:45 pm eastern. After a two-minute wait through a queue, I sat down after dinner to log into Wrath Classic. Honestly, I was kind of surprised it was up early, but I guess that’s also smart — help relieve the pressure of everyone coming in at the same time. Even so, it was a ball of craziness as I followed a stream of players down to the newly opened Stormwind docks and took the boat to — as I always do first — Borean Tundra.

In fact, it got so busy that Blizzard stopped sending the boats and directly transported people to the new continent.

With everyone and their brother flooding into Northrend, I knew that it would be near impossible to actually quest. Well, quest with any momentum. So I headed out from the town and took in the sights, fruitlessly looked for mining nodes, and farmed mobs for a bit.

There’s a whole lot of Good Feels coming back to Borean Tundra. It was always my first destination in Northrend and the start of a newer — and better — phase of World of Warcraft. The art was better. The questing had an even better flow than Outland. And the landscape was more cohesive and involving. Even if this is as far as I ever go in Classic, I’m glad to be able to go back through the old expansion one more time.

The upside of being sick and not being as much in a mood to game is that the whole glut of first day players race ahead of you, leaving the zone for you to quest in peace. So Day Two was a whole lot more relaxed and, dare I say, normal. But the real best part? Getting amazing gear upgrades from questing. Since I didn’t dip into Burning Crusade’s dungeons or raids, everything I was wearing was quickly replaced by quest greens.

I always felt Borean Tundra got a bad rap for being blah and not as exciting as Howling Fjord. I really like its far north theming, with ice floes, hot springs, and the walrus people doing what walrus people do best. I don’t even mind the absence of trees here.

A few days into Wrath, some helpful guildies summoned a bunch of us up into Dalaran so that we didn’t have to wait to set our hearths and start accessing all of the services here. It felt like coming home to be here — and I wasn’t complaining to get the next tier of engineering. As a bonus: Engineering auction house!


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