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Taking a gander at Tower of Fantasy

High up on my games to try out this fall was the open world MMO Tower of Fantasy, of which I’ve heard some good buzz from various people. Plus, it looked pretty and might even — with double jump and a scifi bent — have a chance at plugging that WildStar-shaped hole in me. So why not give it a go?

Tower of Fantasy does start out unusually for an MMO: It plunks you right into a story/tutorial without the character creator. That actually comes AFTER the tutorial, so everyone going through this opening part looks the same, I guess. I’m just glad that movement and combat feel right, not to mention that the game includes climbing as a feature.

Not too long after, I got to pick my character’s looks, so I went with a Jet Set Radio-style. I thought it was kind of funny/weird that there was no brown or black hair. But bright pink and turquoise? No sweat.

The opening area is an RPG on lite rails (i.e., it’ll guide you, but not force you, through a linear series of tasks). I can already tell that movement is a huge part of Tower of Fantasy, what with gliding, jet packs, double jumping, swimming, bouncing off mushrooms, climbing, dashing, and the like. It also doesn’t hurt that this game is very, very easy on the eyes. I’m a big fan of cel shaded art in games, and this one has colors that just pop off the screen.

It doesn’t take too long before I encounter the gacha system of Tower of Fantasy — collectable weapons that double as character replacements. Basically, you can transform into these people and use their weapons and special styles. I can’t see this being a huge “must have” appeal, but hey, some people have to catch them all.

Every MMO needs a jet pack. Every one. Even LOTRO. C’mon, a Beorning zipping around on rockets would be awesome and not mind-breaking to Tolkien purists at all!

Tower of Fantasy does have that “WildStar-lite” vibe to it, which I dig, but it’s also shallow in comparison, which makes it harder to enjoy. Sometimes you need more than visuals and a jetpack?

2 thoughts on “Taking a gander at Tower of Fantasy

  1. LotRO does have a jetpack! …But it’s dev character only. Scenario uses it in his Casual Strolls.. 🙂

    (I suspect you knew, but for those reading along.)

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