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LOTRO: A pipe of Old Toby

A prepared hobbit is a well-dressed hobbit, and prior to Before the Shadow, I spent a little more time improving my winter outfit to something I was a lot happier with.

But before you knew it — even with a vacation and a one-week delay — the mini-expansion was upon us. And away I go!

I was pretty gratified to see that it was very easy to hop on a stable master and take my hobbit down to Mossward, the starter village of the Swanfleet zone. It was a step back for me in terms of questing levels, but considering that I was only 15, I knew that it would catch up with me before long.

Last week was particularly busy and stressful (especially when Buffalo got slammed with a winter storm), so I didn’t get nearly as much time to blitz through the opening part of the patch. Instead, I really took the time to poke around, taking screenshots, and actually reading quest text. There’s a lot of personality with these missions, too! I was smiling and chuckling during a few of them involving kids and some quirky residents.

It also helps that Swanfleet is a pretty place. Maybe not exotically so — few LOTRO locations are in that category — but it’s quite easy on the eyes. It’s like a Better Bree-land for You and Me. Lots of long-distance views, easy navigation, even some Stoor hobbits!

I am eager to explore the new storyline and see my Lore-master evolve. As usual with this class, I can’t wait until I get to 30 to get lynx, which I feel is the first really good leveling pet.

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