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Syp’s gaming goals for December 2022

Syp’s November 2022 in review

  • ‘Twas quite the month of gaming, in ways both expected and not. For starters, I spent the first week not gaming at all but on vacation. However, the rest of November made up for that gap.
  • New World’s fresh start servers flickered on, and I created a new character to go through Windward. I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed my time with this revamped lowbie experience, but even so, I wasn’t fully sucked in and pouring hours upon hours. As a result, I merely crept forward in progression rather than sprinted.
  • Lord of the Rings Online’s mini-expansion was delayed until the middle of the month, but when that happened, I took my fledgling Hobbit Lore-master down to Swanfleet and started to explore the new zone and quest lines. Had a good time, knocked up in levels, and didn’t stress about the speed of it. LOTRO is a game best enjoyed at a chill pace.
  • About all I really did in World of Warcraft was take advantage of the pre-expansion event to gear up three of my characters to full strength for Dragonflight. Oh, and I bought the expansion and four months of game time (I like to buy game time vs. subscribe if I can).
  • In retro gaming, I continued to push forward in Chrono Cross. It’s going well, but I started to feel ready to be done with it before boredom crept in.
  • Two gaming surprises happened this month: I got utterly addicted to Marvel Snap and then had to impulse buy Shadows Over Loathing when it released out of the blue.

Gaming goals for December 2022

  • Clearly, Dragonflight will be the centerpiece of the month in a lot of ways, and I’ll be spending some good time evaluating WoW expansion and finding my footing in it. I’m not going to make a “I want to be 70 and raiding” sort of goal, but I will be focusing on just my Death Knight for the first month.
  • I’ll continue on in Lord of the Rings Online, hopefully wrapping up the two new zones by the end of the month. After that, the plan is to use missions to get to 45 and then settle into the Volume 2 epic storyline while continuing to use missions to supplement XP.
  • I’d love to be more “stuck” on New World too, but that’s only going to happen with a good amount of additional play and finding a good guild. Both of those are on my to do list.

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